10 Effective Equine Marketing Techniques for Equestrian Businesses
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Running a successful equestrian business requires more than just a passion for horses. To attract buying customers and stand out in a competitive market, your equestrian business needs to implement effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience. As an award-winning equestrian marketing agency, our Equestrian PR team shares their tips and advice to help you harness the best marketing techniques to promote your equine business.


Know your audience:

Marketing an equine business can take time and effort. But it can be easy with the right marketing team, marketing strategy and marketing efforts. Take some time to get to know your target market and their needs. If you know what your target audience likes or connects with, you can create a marketing strategy to attract potential customers. 

The best equine marketing advice will tell you to consider your ideal customer and use your social media platforms to engage, entertain and connect with current and potential clients. These equestrian marketing tips will help you create a successful marketing plan tailored to them.


Set goals:

Before you start any marketing activities, set clear and achievable goals for yourself and your equine business. Determine short and long-term goals and be prepared to be agile in your equestrian marketing efforts. 

Depending on your products or services, the equestrian industry can be saturated, so think about building steady growth and what makes you unique as an equestrian brand to create a long-lasting equestrian business.

Setting benchmarks for your business means you’ll have something tangible against which to measure success.


Utilise social media:

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching potential customers at no considerable cost, so make sure to use it! Include customer reviews on your products as part of your equestrian marketing strategy and put aside some budget for paid social media advertising spend for peak sale times to boost your equestrian business online. Keep your social media channels active and post regularly.

One of the reasons why equestrian businesses fail is that they need to invest time and money into the areas that benefit them the most.

Our equestrian marketing tips include promptly responding to customers’ enquiries and comments to showcase your fantastic customer service. Our social media marketing services mean we manage our client’s social media presence. We monitor our clients’ social media accounts, and as part of our social media management, we respond and reply to enquiries and messages out of hours and on weekends, too. 


Focus on content marketing:

An equestrian marketing plan is only complete with a solid content marketing focus. This is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage customers. Create valuable content that educates, entertains, and informs potential customers about your equestrian events, products and services.

Whatever your social media goals or digital marketing strategy, our creative equine marketing team can help create and build valuable content to support your equine marketing strategy.


Leverage influencers:

Work with equestrian influencers and equestrian bloggers to spread the word and promote your equine business through their platform. It’s an easy way to reach thousands of customers with little effort and minimal costs comparable to other industries.

We explore, negotiate and manage collaborations with equestrian influencers, brand champion relationships and rider agreements so our clients can enjoy a comprehensive marketing strategy that works for their business.


Host events:

Hosting events is a great way to create buzz around your equine business and build relationships with potential customers. Consider hosting a local horse show, an equestrian seminar, or other equestrian events to get your brand in front of new customers. 

Sponsoring classes at key events can be a good investment in your equestrian marketing plan and reach equestrians with whom you may not otherwise connect.


Use email campaigns:

Email campaigns are one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Use them to keep customers informed about your products and services. Our equestrian marketing services embrace these types of content, and we manage our client’s email marketing from concept to creation and scheduling. 

Email marketing is a valuable form of content marketing for your business, and by harnessing this aspect of digital marketing, you can introduce new products, offer discounts and keep your subscribers entertained and informed.


Take advantage of search engine optimisation (SEO):

As equine marketing specialists, we are the experts in equestrian SEO. SEO is optimizing your website to appear higher than your competitors in search engine results for relevant keywords. By crafting website copy that embraces your keywords and terms, potential customers are more likely to find you when searching online.

Do your keywords affect your SEO? The answer is yes! The key to improving your SEO is to update your website regularly with relevant content and valuable information. Equine marketing specialists have a skill for equestrian copywriting that will help sell your products or services.

Choosing the right keywords for your equestrian business can benefit your organic search engine traffic.


Be active in the industry:

Join equine-related groups on social media and attend industry events. Network with other equestrian businesses to raise awareness of your own brand. Set up a Facebook group. If you have a product that engages conversation on a particular area of horse care or management.

Bespoke marketing services can include managing social media marketing strategy and monitoring comments, mentions and conversations in your online presence through social listening.


Monitor customer feedback:

Make sure to gather customer feedback regularly and monitor what people are saying about your equine business online. This will help you spot potential issues with products or services and deal with these. It will also help you identify areas for improvement and make adjustments accordingly. 

Reply to any negative reviews on Google or Trustpilot so that other customers can see that you are responsive and care about your customers and business.

The horse industry is small, so having a good reputation in the equine industry is essential for any equestrian business owner. Your social media customer care needs to shine bright, so take your time with this area and gather good feedback and reviews.


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