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As a leading Beauty Marketing Agency, it’s fair to say that we’ve learnt a trick or two from our beauty clients and experts. In this blog, we share 10 of our favourite professional skincare secrets.


Wear A High Sun Factor All Year Around

Yes, that’s right all year round. Even on overcast winter days, those UV rays are still doing their damage. Wearing a high factor suncream and then doubling up with a hat on sunny days will save your skin.


Ditch The Drink

If you’re drinking alcohol regularly, not only are you consuming a whole lot of sugar (which is awful for your skin – we explain more further down) but you are also dehydrating your body and also your skin. Cut back the alcohol and….


Up Your H20 Intake

Yes, drinking more water is good for your body. Flushing out toxins and hydrating your body and yes, you guessed it: your skin! Professional skincare relies on it!


Invest In Your Skin

Invest in your skin and spend the time looking after it. Taking time to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise and protect your face will stand you in good stead in years to come. Choose products that have the science backing their claims. A cream is not always just a cream.


Don’t Forget Your Neck

This professional skincare secret is often overlooked. When cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising your skin, don’t forget about your neck. See your neck as an extension of your face, and it won’t age prematurely.


Thin To Thick

The golden rule to applying your beauty creams is to start with the thinnest cream then finish with the thickest. Serums are lighter in molecules, so apply first and layer. Finish with your sunblock or high sun factor. 


Eat Skin Superfoods

You are what you eat. So if that’s currently crisps and a can of coke, you need to rethink your diet. Diets high in sugar are your collagen’s worst enemy as it causes cross-linking of the collagen, resulting in stiffening and reduced elasticity in our skin. Eating a diet rich in anti-aging foods will support your beauty routine!


Scrub Up

Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells which cause the skin to look dull and clogs your pores. Look out for home exfoliators that contain AHAs and BHAs to usher in brighter and more even-toned skin.


Clean Up Your Act

Crashing into bed with a full face of make-up won’t do your skin or bed linen any favours. Your skin needs to breathe and rejuvenate new cells as we sleep. Remove all your make-up and moisturise before hitting the pillow. You and your skin will thank us in the morning.


Treat Your Skin For The Decade You’re In

If your skincare routine is the same as it was a decade ago, you need to review! The simple skincare routine that worked for you in your twenties won’t suffice for your thirties and beyond. With each decade, your collagen is depleting so eat well, look to supplementation if your diet is limited and upgrade your skincare products. Take a self-care approach to your health and wellness and view holistic living as part of your ‘beauty’ strategy.


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