10 Yard & Stable Hacks For Winter | Country Lifestyle PR | MirrorMePR
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Horses and winter don’t necessarily go together perfectly, so here are some top yard and stable hacks from our country lifestyle PR team at MirrorMePR that will hopefully help you to cope with winter’s worst!

  1. Add a tennis ball to your water trough to stop it freezing over in colder weather
  1. Up-cycle your old duvets by using as an extra layer under rugs or for lagging exposed pipes.
  1. Spray non-stick cooking oil on your shovels and the snow won’t stick.
  1. Rather than choosing a deep litter traditional bed, swap to a highly absorbent bedding, which will help cut down your mucking out time (Less wet running under the bed) and won’t be costly to maintain.
  1. If your winter boots have holes or are losing their waterproofness, then a sandwich bag over each sock will save the day and cold toes.
  1. Keep a can of WD-40 handy for those mornings when your gate padlock or tack room lock is frozen.
  1. If you know plummeting temperatures are arriving, plan ahead by storing water in containers and filling the kettle for a warming cuppa on arrival.
  1. Wear a headlamp for those early morning visits to the yard, you won’t be the most stylish person on the yard, but properly most efficient when light is poor.
  1. Vet wrap makes an excellent cover up for worn or slippery fork and broom handles. Wrap around for extra grip.
  1. Make extra feed scoops out of old plastic 2 litre milk bottles to save time and money. Turn upside down (with screw on top secure) using the handle as your base, cut the bottle to create a scoop and voila -ready to use!