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Our Pet PR Team love all animals and cats are certainly up there in our favourite animal list. The 4th of June is #HugYourCatDay, so here are our top 5 ‘purrfect’ reasons to love cats even more than you already do!


They Won’t Go Mad When Someone Rings Your Doorbell

Dogs can be an excellent intruder deterrent. However, for someone who is living in an apartment, a barking dog can become a problem and soon be classed as a nuisance to neighbours. Cats are less likely to wake up your neighbours when someone rings your doorbell.


They’re Low Maintenance

Unlike dogs who require daily walks and don’t like being left alone for hours, cats are more than happy to be left home alone for the day.  As long as they have water, food, cat-flap, toys and a litter tray, they will entertain themselves or sleep until you return home from work to make them their dinner.


They Cost Less Than A Dog To Keep

Based on the cost of keeping a medium to a large sized dog, cats are more economical to keep when it comes to the cost of feeding and toys. And unless you get a long haired cat that requires grooming, then you are saving both money and time!


They Love Kids

OK, so they might not tolerate babies or very young toddlers, but for young children taught how to handle and pet correctly, they make super pets. They can also help children develop social skills, cope with trauma and even make them less prone to having allergies.


They Love To Play

Most cats love to play, but to what degree, also depends on their temperament, breed and age. Playing with your cat can help reduce stress levels and lower your blood pressure, which is excellent for your health. With some many toys on the market, you’ll soon find something your cat adores.

As you can tell, our pet PR team adore their feline friends, but find out which animal is best for you in our recent “Which Pet Is Best For Your Personality” blog.