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Our team are well versed in approaching influencers and negotiating opportunities. Our MD comes from a fashion background which saw her instigating collaborations well before the term ‘influencer marketing’ was king.  In this blog, the MirrorMePR Social Media Marketing Team share our advice on best practice before you approach an influencer.

Do Your Research

First, you need to decide who to work with. Who is the best fit for your brand and also who has a genuine (not bought) following? This can be a minefield of decision making. Fortunately, there are now a whole host of tools available which can help identify and vet influencers. Then, by working with experts in your field, you can whittle the choice down further and navigate this area successfully and efficiently to help your brand make an informed decision.

Budget Considerations

When brands ask us ‘how much does it cost’ we explain that just like every media outlet, each influencer has their own rate. This varies hugely from influencer to influencer and not only dependent on the number of followers but also their personal preference.

Influencers who wish to remain true to their own ‘brand’ will often consider collaborations with smaller brand if the fit is right and they love the product.

Decide on your budget and be realistic in your expectations.

Decide On Your End Goals

It’s important to think about why you want to include influencer marketing in your 2019 marketing plan. Is it to gain more followers, get more sales, greater brand awareness etc. Having defined goals is essential. Clothing brands often set up unique codes for their influencers which is a trackable way to see exactly what kind of value the relationship has brought to your business.

Don’t Dictate Content

In our experience, the best influencers are those who stay true to their brand and their followers. For us, it’s more about exploring opportunities rather than dictating exactly what they should write or post. Creating a brief to give your influencer on why, how, key messaging etc. is a great idea. Discussing how you can make your vision a reality with their input is also a great route. Wading straight in without a discussion and dictating precisely what you want might not be the best tact, regardless of how big your budget is!

Prepare A Contract

Make sure as with any business arrangement you have something in writing before you hand over any money or product. It’s imperative that the influencer is aware of your expectations on their part and by having this in writing, it safeguards the both of you. Even if your relationship with the influencer is still purely product gifting, you still need to ensure that you are both clear on the agreed activity, the timelines for delivery and best practice on declaring the nature of your relationship on social posts.

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