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When it comes to taking steps towards being more sustainable and reducing your personal environmental impact, your beauty and skincare routine is one area where simple swaps can make for a more eco-friendly beauty routine. Our Beauty PR Experts share tips for more sustainable skincare in this beauty blog.


Ditch the plastic:

From bottles and tubs of moisturiser to cotton buds and makeup sponges, the beauty industry produces a lot of rubbish that ends up as plastic waste. Opting for products with minimal packaging is one option.

Look for carbon-neutral brands, including recycled plastic, recycled packaging, eco-friendly packaging, recyclable packaging, reusable packaging, glass bottles, and those in the cosmetics industry who are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Avoid buying beauty products in single-use packaging for a more sustainable routine.


Go Cruelty-Free:

Animal testing is still a reality for many companies. To avoid supporting brands that test on animals, look out for cruelty-free logos when shopping for skincare or cruelty-free cosmetics. Choosing beauty products that avoid animal-derived ingredients doesn’t mean they are less effective and give you greater peace of mind.  

Cruelty-free beauty products will often also champion sustainable packaging and clean ingredients. Hence, it’s worth exploring to find your new favourite beauty company and take a different approach to beauty.


Switch to Natural Products:

Natural and organic products are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Many great, clean beauty brands offer natural alternatives to everyday beauty products like face wash and makeup remover. 

Look for natural ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, and natural oils, as they can be gentle on sensitive skin while being kind to the environment. Natural products are less likely to include harmful chemicals, with many celebrating organic ingredients and seeking to use sustainable ingredients in clean skincare.

Plant ingredients can be powerful beauty heroes in your beauty routine.


Choose Reusable Tools:

When it comes to makeup brushes, cotton buds, and sponges, try swapping them out for reusable options instead. This can help both reduce waste and save money in the long run! 

In a growing sustainable beauty industry, consumers are choosing reusable beauty products more and more thanks to eco-beauty becoming more available as beauty industry attitudes to beauty waste evolve and change. 

Skincare products don’t have to cost the earth if you choose sustainable materials.


Go for Refills:

Refills are a great way to reduce packaging waste while ensuring you have the necessary products. Many brands now offer refills for their products; if not, there are plenty of DIY tutorials on refilling your own plastic bottles. 


Don’t hesitate to ask your local store if they offer refill services. Sustainable beauty brands like The Body Shop have been offering refill services in their reusable bottles for years, so it’s worth investigating.

Sustainable beauty products are generally clean beauty products because the beauty brands appreciate that green beauty is all-encompassing, including using recycled materials. 


Give Solid Soaps and Shampoos a try:

Eco-minded beauty buffs also know that solid soaps and shampoos can be an easy swap for their liquid versions. Solid bars are much lighter to transport, create less waste, have minimal packaging, and can last much longer than liquids. 

They’re also usually more affordable in the long run.


Switch to Eco-Friendly Perfume:

Many perfumes are made with synthetic fragrances, which can damage the environment. Opting for natural or vegan perfumes is one way to ensure your scent doesn’t come at a cost.


Recycle used Beauty Products:

Instead of throwing away used beauty products, look for ways to recycle them! Many companies have started offering recycling programs to help keep beauty products out of landfills. Before buying, you can also check that the packaging is recyclable at home. 

Making sustainable swaps in your beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a few simple changes, you can create an eco-friendly routine that is good for the environment and your budget! By making these simple swaps, you can create an eco-friendly beauty routine for sustainable choices which are kind to the environment.


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