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As temperatures rise, the Canine PR Team share their top 8 tips for keeping your dog cool and comfortable this summer.


Breed & Age Matter

Some breeds don’t cope with the heat very well and can be more prone to heatstroke than others. Short-nosed and thick-coated breeds are more susceptible to overheating. Breeds such as Bulldogs, Boxers and Pugs are amongst some of the breeds that do not cope well. It’s also important to consider the dog’s age as well.  Puppies and veteran dogs can struggle with the higher temperatures and being extra vigilant during hot periods is essential.


Drink & Dive

Ensure that your dog has access to fresh, clean water at all times and be mindful that metal bowls can heat up quickly if left in direct sunlight. No one wants to drink warm water! Place your dog’s water bowl somewhere he can easily access it but out of the sun. Wherever you go with your dog this summer, make sure you take a collapsible dog bowl and some water with you.  If you have a water-loving dog, think about investing in a hard children’s paddling pool. Having a splash in shallow water will cool down your hot pooch and with the addition of a few floating toys, the opportunity for some fun time. Keep an eye on your dog and ensure he can get in and out of the paddling pool easily. 


Early Birds

Walking your dog early in the morning during hot weather is not only a great way to start your day off the right direction, but you’re bound to meet other dog walkers too. If you’re out earlier, you’ll have more time to stop and chat and some extra time getting ready before the day officially starts. We love the summer months and getting up an hour or so early to walk our office pooches is part of our daily routine we love! Use the extra time to explore some new dog walks in the sunshine.


Travel Tips

If you have a long journey ahead during hot weather, then try to travel earlier or a lot later in the day when temperatures have subsided. Going earlier or later will also avoid the crowds on public transport, making it an all-round more enjoyable experience for your dog. If you are travelling by car, you must restrain your dog safely by law here in the UK.  Having your dog secured is not only safer, but it means that you can afford the luxury of opening the windows without the fear of them jumping around or attempting to stick their heads out of the windows. If your vehicle has air conditioning, fantastic news! Never leave your dog in a car EVEN with windows slightly open or with the windows shut and the air-conditioning turned up. Cars heat up dramatically and very quickly and sadly, every year dogs die in hot cars. Don’t put your faith in the air-con working. If it fails, the consequences could be catastrophic for your dog.


Keep Your Cool 

Take advantage of the cooling products designed for dogs on the market. Keeping your dog cool shouldn’t be difficult with a vast range of products designed to keep your pooch chilling, from cooling mats to lie on through to actual cooling coats they can wear. An easy DIY treat for cooling your dog down is to soak a towel in a bucket of ice cold water. Wring out the excess water and lay it out on the lawn in the shade; bliss for a hot dog!


Eat & Be Merry

Just like humans, some dogs go off their food during hot periods, so if this happens to your dog, there are several things you can try:


* Feeding early morning or later in the evening.

* Feeding little and often.

* Whether you are feeding wet or dried food, make sure you store appropriately and don’t leave food lying around where it can go off or attract flies. 


Hit The Beach

Taking your dog to the beach might seem like a great idea peak season but remember so will the thousands of other people with children on a beautiful summer’s day! If you are planning a beach outing, then travel early so you can have the full run of the beach and make sure you check their regulations and rules. Many beaches close access to dogs during certain times in the summer months or even completely, so you must check before planning a seaside adventure. Our canine PR team have researched some of the best dog beaches in the UK, so take a look if you fancy a stroll on the beach with your fur friend, you might want to take a read.


Ice Ice Baby

A great tip to keep your fur babies cool is to add a handful of ice cubes to their water bowl. Our office dogs love to play with them, attempting to scoop them out with their paws and they also offer a nice fresh beverage, when the dogs fancy a refreshing drink.


Keep An Eye On Your Dog

During periods of hot weather, keep a close eye on your dog for any sign of heatstroke. These include a raised temperature, panting, excessive salivation and thickened saliva, subdued behaviour, staggering and muscle tremors. If you spot any of these signs ring your vet immediately. Take your dog inside, wrap him in wet towels, especially under his tummy and groin region and put in the direct flow of a fan. Don’t be tempted to go to any extremes to cool down your dog too rapidly; otherwise, you run the risk of shock.


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