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As award-winning social media marketing experts, we look after our client’s social media channels, including numerous Pinterest boards. Alongside creating eye-catching pins and regularly updating our client’s boards to ensure they have a good presence on this valuable platform, we also offer a Pinterest ad management service. 

If you’re considering advertising on Pinterest but don’t know where to start, here are our top tips and advice on what you need to know when advertising on Pinterest.


Is your current Pinterest account a business or personal account?

If you’re considering advertising on Pinterest, you must have a business account. The good news is that if you have spent time and effort, building boards and followers, you can convert your personal account into a business account. Setting up a business account will also allow other people to access and manage your advertising securely and safely.


Is Pinterest the right place for customers to discover your brand and products? 

In our marketing opinion, it is! If you want to target an international customer base, Pinterest offers a great opportunity for discovery and inspiration. Retailers can add shopping pins for an easy upsell. You can tag your products in an existing Pin or when you’re building a new Pin.

Pinterest can play a crucial role in your digital marketing strategy.

If you’d like to showcase related products to create a collections Pin instead, you can add up to 25 associated products from your product catalogue or claimed website. These related products will not appear in your Pin but will be surfaced below your Pin. You can then promote it as a collections ad for people on Pinterest to browse.


Have you chosen the correct objective for your campaign? 

Selecting the right objects for your business goal is imperative for a successful advertising outcome. Are you looking to build awareness, get conversions, drive traffic, or take a multi-objective approach to your campaign?


Have you selected the best Pinterest ad format?

Ad placements and ad formats will play a huge role in the success and effectiveness of your advertising spend. Choosing the right ad format and placement will ensure you get your ad seen at the right place, at the right time and in front of the right people.


Is your creative hitting the right spot?

Not everyone is a born creative whiz! It’s not only eye-catching visuals that make the difference. As certified copywriters and journalists, we are talented wordsmiths too! Relevant messaging that captures your target audience’s attention and imagination is imperative for a successful campaign.


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