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A small pug on a field of grass at a festival, as suggested by our pet PR team.

We love a day out with our dogs, and the MirrorMePR pet PR team are happy to find any excuse to take our fur babies along with us. In this blog, we take a look at dog-friendly festivals that will have you both barking with joy!


Mutts & Music

If your dog shares your love of music, Standon Calling 25th – 28th July in Hertfordshire could be a great experience for you both. Four-legged friends are most welcome but must be registered on arrival and as well as superb band line-up’s and great comedy, and there is also a dog show. Lots of fun for the family and Fido. Just don’t forget your dog’s sensitive hearing when it comes to watching the live acts.



Green Gathering is a fabulous eco-festival where you and your dog can enjoy live music acts, comedy, yoga and arts and crafts. You have to buy a ticket for your pooch as only a limited number of dogs are allowed on site (£85) however it does include a £40 returnable ‘good behaviour bond’ so you best get lots of training in before 1st August!


Country Canines

This is one of the Country Lifestyle PR Team’s favourite events for the summer. Country File Live is a great place to take your family pet and fun for all the family. Lots to see and experience for the kids and dogs. Now in its fourth year, the event has two locations in August, and from our own experience, our office mutts enjoyed their outing!


Dog Fest

Dogfest, is a festival dedicated to all things dog! Dog fun & dog play feature heavily on their agenda, and with three different locations throughout June, there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy a summer of love with your dog! So, here’s the pet PR team’s top tips for taking your dog to a festival.

  • Ensure that you have fresh water with you at all times and offer it to your dog regularly.
  • Remember dogs can suffer from the heat too. Find shade during the hottest part of the day. Or take our top tip and arrive early, miss the crowds and leave at lunchtime to avoid the carpark queues and rising temperatures.
  • Find a quiet shaded area to sit and have lunch. Even the most sociable of dogs will need a break from the hustle and bustle at the event. If you can’t find any shade, then we always take a big golf umbrella. Perfect for instant shade cover and equally as ideal for a sudden downpour!
  • Some dogs can find crowds and noise overwhelming, especially older or small dogs, so think about your dog foremost. If you think that your dog won’t enjoy the experience, get a dog sitter and have a day out knowing that your dog is happy and relaxed and you can have fun without worrying about his welfare!


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