Dogissimo ‘Designer Dog Fashion’ Campaign | Canine PR

Overview: Dogissimo is a designer dog brand with a difference. Targeting specific breeds (Pugs, French Bulldogs & British Bulldogs) Designed to bridge the gap between function and fashion.

Objectives: To establish Dogissimo as a leader in the canine clothing sector, to highlight their passion for quality and design and showcase their desirability.

Strategy: Alongside traditional PR, MirrorMePR looked to alternative opportunities for instant exposure and positive association so recommended the client ‘gifted’ key items to various celebrities owning their target breed of dogs. MirrorMePR also investigated, negotiated and secured title sponsorship for ‘Pugfest’ & ‘Frenchiefest’ (A Nationwide series of festivals celebrating these breeds) on behalf of the client, further establishing them with their key audience and credible by association. MirrorMePR also wrote relevant and topical content for the brand’s website to help with SEO and enhance the visitor’s experience.

The campaign had three aims:

1) To Showcase – Designer looks for dog wear.
2) Celebrate – Breeds, which are continuing to grow in popularity.
3) To Establish – To spread the word that dog clothing doesn’t have to be compromise on style or functionality.

MirrorMePR created and managed the brand’s Pinterest & Twitter account for approx. 2 months, helping to grow their audience and reputation (Average growth of over 50% each month), with a focus on sourcing, collating and posting relevant content. This was reflected by a reduced bounce rate and increase in traffic to the client’s site. Without an attached advertising budget, MirrorMePR took a different tactic and investigated, contacted and managed celebrity product placement opportunities, which resulted in numerous social media posts by recipients. The brand’s association with the two festivals offered further brand advertising at no additional cost including social media posts, name checks through TV and Radio interviews, branded banners, car wrapping and rosettes at the events.
Case Study from Dogissimo | Canine PR | MMPR