Freddie Parker ‘Hats On & Shirts Off ’ Campaign | Luxury PR

Overview: Freddie Parker is a relatively new British designer brand with a unique equestrian slant and heritage, selling their own brand of tailored shirting for men and women and homeware.

Objectives: To reconnect with the brands’ strong racing roots and promote their collection of shirting with a stylish and fashionable twist. To use marketing budget efficiently to create some ‘noise’ surrounding the brand across all mediums and add a distinctive slant, which would engage and inspire.

Strategy: MirrorMePR had to stay true to the client’s classic design roots, but set them apart from competitors and showcase their individuality and versatility. MirrorMePR appointed a top London fashion stylist and hat designer to create a one off bespoke advent grade hat made entirely from the brand’s shirts, in time for a promotional push before Ascot. The client commissioned the stylist to style and shoot the final images in keeping with the look and feel of the campaign.

The campaign had three aims:

1) To Reconnect – Reconnect the brand with their fashion & racing roots
2) Inspire – Attract and inspire a new demographic of potential customers
3) Set The Difference – Establishing a point of difference between the client and more established competitors

Editorial secured covered a range of mediums, encompassing print, digital, social including key equestrian fashion bloggers with a total reach of approx. 23K. The campaign also gave opportunity to connect with a wider audience. Visibility and interest for the brand continued to resonate following posts from the stylist and media keen to involve and promote the brand’s line of shirts with renewed interest.

Sue Bryant, MD and Head Designer Freddie Parker said:
“MMPR came up with the concept and managed every aspect from idea through to sourcing a stylist, design briefing and final photography. A typical example of how they create, instigate and deliver each and every time”
Case Study from Freddie Parker | Luxury PR | MMPR