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Horse & Dog Together



It’s fair to say that people who own horses tend to own dogs too but is there a particular breed that wins ‘paws’ up when it comes to the perfect dog for the horsey yard? The MirrorMePR Canine PR Team make some suggestions for their top ‘pawsome’ doggies:


1. The Dalmatian

Initially guard dogs they became synonymous with carriage horses at the beginning of the 17th Century and are known for being good around horses (Obviously with training!) They make good hacking companions and are active dogs, full of energy. So, if you love venturing out for long hacks, the Dalmatian makes a great canine companion. They will need a dog coat during the colder winter months, given their fine coat. Oh and being white means they can get quite dirty, but they are easier to fit into the bath at home than your grey 16.2 Irish x TB.


2. The Jack Russell Terrier

As experts in canine PR, we know that no yard is complete with at least one little Jack Russell. This tough little guy isn’t always the most obedient, but with training and good socialisation, he’s a welcome ‘meet and greet’. Small enough to accompany you in the lorry to shows and always up for a cuddle on your lap in the tack room. Given his terrier breeding, he will naturally see off unwanted visitors to your feed room and loves a game or two. Always up for jumping any low cross pole fences in the arena – he’s probably more enthusiastic than some of his equine friends when it comes to a good jumping session!


3. The Pug

Not traditionally thought of as a ‘yard dog’ they seem to be growing in popularity. Their cheeky nature and loving temperament make them delightful companions. As experts in canine PR, we know that any small breeds need to kept out of hooves harm and also given their breathing, and big eyes kept away of dusty environments. They are well known for their stubborn streak (which can make training challenging at times), but they are not known to be aggressive. So, if you like being licked to death by a charming little pooch, the pug could be an excellent choice.


4. The Miniature Dachshund

Again, not your traditional choice of yard dog, but this delightful breed are growing in numbers on the horsey circuit. They are from the hound family so if they get a sniff of a rabbit you might find your recall is fruitless and if not trained correctly, also love to be vocal and chase. They are wilful little dogs, but with consistent training and good socialisation, this smart, independent and courageous little dog can fit perfectly into your horsey world.


5. The Pick & Mix

As experts in canine PR, we know that giving a rescue dog a second chance can work out well, and we know of some lovely rescue dogs who have settled into yard life without any issues. Make sure you discuss your equestrian lifestyle with the rescue centre so they can help find you a suitable canine family member. Some charities rescue both dogs and horses, so it might be worth contacting these organisations first as they may have the first-hand experience of introducing the dog into an environment with horses. All dogs require training, boundaries and desensitisation to horses, no matter their breed but with an animal whereby you don’t know their life story, it’s even more imperative.


Here’s to finding happiness with our furry friends!


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