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Ok, so Facebook might not experience an outage very often, but when it does, it does it spectacularly! So, if your business relies heavily on social media, then you need to read this.

Face Facts

The fact that you don’t own your Facebook page or any other social media channel your business relies on means that you have little control over changes made to the platform. These might either benefit or ruin your business opportunities. Ultimately, social media channels require revenue and people to view their advertisers content, so if you thought that social media was free, it comes at a cost.

Spread The Word

With the recent outage bringing down Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, it’s a lesson to any business owner to spread the word about your business further afield. If you don’t take a multi-media approach to your business, you could end up offline and out of the picture.



So what does multi-media really mean? Multi-media ensures that your marketing is expansive. Your marketing efforts shouldn’t be put into just one area but across many. You want to ensure that you appear everywhere across numerous social media platforms, such as Twitter and, if relevant, Tik Tok and Snapchat. Other digital opportunities include a strong Google business profile and Linkedin for B2B.


Don’t Let Your Business Down

You owe it to your business to ensure that you are seen anywhere your customers like to hang out. If you aren’t your customer profile, don’t let your business down by choosing social media platforms based on those that you love and enjoy. If you personally love Pinterest, but your customers are more likely to hang out on Tik Tok, then it makes sense to focus on it primarily than Pinterest.

Just as Facebook does amend the algorithm, so should your business be flexible and quickly adapt to changes that will complement your business. So when the next outrage occurs, hopefully, you can dive onto the platform that everyone heads towards to continue the conversation!!

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