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The equestrian industry is full of equestrian businesses keen to capture your interest and secure a sale, so how can equestrian brands create digital content to help ensure a sale? As Equestrian PR & creative Equine Marketing Experts, we explain why equestrian copywriting is crucial to your equestrian business.


Why Appoint A Professional Equestrian Copywriter?

As qualified journalists, we understand the power of the written word. Even with the advance of text-to-speech technology, meaningful content written by equine marketing experts will help your customer journey and conversion to sales, support your SEO efforts, and position your brand as a leader within your industry. Choosing a professional copywriter who excels in Copywriting and Social Media Management ensures that you maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout your brand visibility. 


Product Descriptions: Sell Me The Dream

Our expertise in writing product descriptions ranges from clothing to horse rugs to grooming products and everything in between! Our equestrian marketing experts are always kept busy creating product descriptions; because we are skilled SEO writers, and our equestrian knowledge as lifelong horse owners sets us apart from the competition. 


As certified equine copywriters, we have incredible marketing skills that give our copywriting clients the edge in ‘selling’ their products online. With our wealth of expertise in writing descriptions for the horse industry, we know how important it is to harness creative marketing experience alongside giving the equestrian community the information they want and need on a particular product. Equestrian terminology is equally essential, especially if your E-commerce site is aimed at an international audience.  


SEO Equestrian Copywriting

We are an essential part of the team regarding SEO equestrian copywriting. We get to know your equestrian audience to create an equestrian marketing strategy that works for your business. Whether you are an equestrian-based business selling to the trade or an equestrian product retailer keen to get the advantage against your competitor. Choosing an equestrian writer who has strong equine marketing skills is vital. Understanding the customer journey and creating marketing campaigns which support is equally important.


Blog Writing – Will It Help SEO?

Do you want relevant, exciting blog content to upload to your website to help your business appear in search engines? Then you’ll want a creative marketing expert! We undertake keyword research and develop content-creation strategies that support your business. Whether it’s heartfelt content or informative content, business owners love working with our talented PR team. Our blog management services deliver on time, every time because we know that regular blog posts and fresh website content in your blog posts make a powerful difference to your SEO. High-quality blog posts and attention-grabbing blog titles make the difference.


Why Social Media Copywriting?

Our social media packages includes expert copywriting. Every social media post you create on your business channel has the potential to gain traction. Even on Instagram, the image is only 50% of the story. The art of selling comes naturally to our Equine PR Team. We understand that there is a fine line between selling and nurturing your relationships with social media followers.


Creative writing allows your business to have some marketing fun whilst creating amazing content that engages viewers. The equine industry, in particular, often leaves its social media as an afterthought, but leaving it in the hands of the inexperienced can often damage the brand’s reputation. 


Email Marketing – Mail Shots To Look Forward To!

Email marketing has the potential to connect your brand with a responsive customer base with an already established interest in your business and products. With our in-house full-service marketing management, we regularly write newsletters for our clients and help maximise your marketing avenues. We do everything from the initial concept to implementing the entire look and creativity of your email marketing. Remembering to give value to your subscribers is equally as important as sharing your latest products.


Feature Writing and Content Creation

Feature writing is in our DNA, and we regularly undertake photo shoots and write features to place in both the national and regional equestrian media successfully. We work closely with equine businesses and combined with our in-depth knowledge, we develop stories and hooks that we know editors will be interested in. We also work closely with sponsored riders to craft feature content that showcases your relationship with your riders. Make sure your choice of an equine copywriter is as versatile.


Press Release Writing 

Whether it’s launching a one-off product or regular press release writing, we know how to engage the media. Our proven track record for results is in our brilliant reputation. A good press angle and well-written press release can not only get you seen in the press but can also help improve your backlinks and SEO



Why Clients Love Working With Us

Our digital marketing team know how to help get your equestrian business galloping up Google’s search results. Our clients love working with us because our industry award-winning services offer a tailored, bespoke approach to your marketing needs. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or sell entirely online, with *81% of retail shoppers conducting online research before buying, isn’t it time your brand stood out in the competitive equine business space?


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