Equetech Case Study - MirrorMePR


Equetech is a leading equestrian fashion brand with a heritage spanning over 30 years. The brand initially appointed MirrorMePR as their Equestrian PR agency, preferring to manage their social media themselves. They were already an established name in the equestrian industry but felt that they were losing out to their competitors through lack of visibility on their social channels.

The Solution:

In 2020 Equetech onboarded our social media services alongside PR. After considerable competitor research and customer profiling, we took over complete management of the client’s social channels, including paid advertising and budget management. Alongside sponsored riders, MirrorMePR also sourced suitable Brand Champions to support the brand.

The Result:

In the past 12 months, we have increased their brand presence with over eleven million reach and six million non-social reach within the year alone. We have continued to build their brand personality, positioning the brand as the original innovators of equestrian clothing and design.