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When it comes to equestrian activities, having the right horseback riding gear is essential for a safe and comfortable ride. Whether you’re a beginner, a competitive rider or an experienced rider, having the proper equipment can make all the difference in your riding experience and is essential for extra safety. From saddles and bridles to riding helmets and boots, here is our expert guide to essential equestrian gear for every horse rider.


The Horse


The Saddle

The saddle is probably the most expensive item and the most important piece of equipment when riding horses. It is essential horse riding gear and the perfect saddle provides support for the rider and, helps distribute your weight evenly across the horse’s back and should fit the horse comfortably. You must have a correctly fitted saddle, as an ill-fitting saddle can cause soreness in the horse’s back and lead to behaviour problems. 


Depending on which discipline you choose, you can buy different styles of saddles. These include English, Western, dressage, G.P and showing saddles, show-jumping, racing saddles and even side-saddles to suit your riding style! To accompany your essential piece of equipment, your horse will need to wear a saddle pad underneath. Saddle pads keep the saddle clean and your horse comfortable. A quality saddle pad styled in breathable fabrics must fit the saddle size and with so much choice, your saddle cloth can tick the latest equine couture trends!


Horse Accessories

Alongside saddle pads, most horseback riders have a wide range of accessories, including a bridle, some leg protection for the horse; horse boots for training and even paddock boots for field turnout. Most horse owners will also own a selection of rugs to protect their horses from the cold and the wet and keep the horse warm. Investing in quality rugs that offer freedom of movement and incorporate durable materials and safety features is essential.


The Horse Rider


Riding Helmets & Body Protectors

A body protector is essential for protecting your body from falls, while a helmet provides added protection to your head. A riding helmet is essential safety equipment for riders who want to stay safe while riding their horse. 


It should fit securely on your head without being too uncomfortable or restricting and should be up to date with the latest safety standards. You should always have the helmet fitted by a professional riding hat fitter so that your equestrian helmet fits your head shape and will help protect your head against the risk of head trauma. 


Riding hat manufacturers with the best safety standards include Charles Owen. Your safety helmet and a horse riding body protector give you reassurance when in the saddle and help make you a more confident rider. While they are expensive items, they are valuable safety gear worth investing in, whether you are an inexperienced rider or a professional rider.


Rider Clothing

Having the right equestrian gear can make your riding experience far safer and more enjoyable. Remember to choose rider clothing that offers ease of movement and is practical, functional clothing. Equestrian clothing should include riding gloves, rain jackets, riding tights or riding breeches, base layers and paddock boots for yard duties and regular boots for riding. 


Your must-have items of rider clothing will grow with time, but starting with the basic staples will start your horse-riding journey in a functional fashion! 


Riding Base Layers 

Breathable layers are essential in all kinds of weather to ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm during the colder months. The clothing you hack out in will be different from the rider clothes you school your horse in, but both should be comfortable and functional. 


Stylish layers such as jackets, gilets, and riding coats can be fashionable without compromising safety. Remember, your riding outfits should be practical and comfortable and allow you to move with freedom.


Riding Legwear

Riding legwear is designed to be comfortable and provide a secure fit while allowing unrestricted movement. Popular options include riding tights, breeches and jodhpurs. When riding, the right clothing is essential for keeping you safe and comfortable. Riding breeches or jodhpurs provide a secure fit and unrestricted movement while still looking stylish. 


These designs will be in a stretchy fabric, and some styles feature sticky silicone seats for a greater grip in the saddle, while others feature handy phone pockets. There are so many equestrian brands to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect pair with some research!


Riding Gloves

Riding gloves protect your hands from chafing and ensure you have a good grip on the reins, even in wet weather. For a more enjoyable riding experience, choose riding gloves that give you a good feel on the reins and wear well for everyday riding. There are numerous options to choose from, so look for gloves with good reviews and feedback from other equestrian enthusiasts! 


Riding Boots

Equestrian boots are made specifically for sitting correctly in the stirrup and are designed for safety. Additionally, you can buy safety stirrups, but nevertheless, your riding boots should always allow your foot a good grip on the stirrup bed and not get stuck or wedged in the stirrup irons, which is a significant safety hazard.


In equestrian terms, choose footwear that is comfortable and designed for riding, whether you select tall boots or short boots with chaps. A good pair of boots will provide support while also looking great but there are many things you should consider before buying a pair of riding boots.


You can also find winter riding boots which are fleece lined for toasty toes during the colder months. A good pair of horse-riding boots will be a sound investment for your riding career.


The perfect riding kit is the riding kit you will feel safe, comfortable and fashionable wearing in and out of the saddle.


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