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The beauty industry is full of marketing myths. Our award-winning beauty marketing team share five of their favourite beauty PR and myths of marketing in our latest beauty blog for businesses. From influencer marketing to social media marketing tips, this is beauty digital marketing myth-busting at its finest!


  1. You Need A Big Budget

Having a big beauty marketing budget is excellent news, but it doesn’t mean your beauty brand will succeed or reach your target audience. Strategy and planning are essential elements for effectively spending clients’ budgets and getting a good return on investment. Plan your marketing spending carefully, but explore new avenues and monitor if they work for your brand. Invest the marketing budget to connect with your customers and to highlight your business and products to new customers through social media advertising, working with influencers, advertorials in targeted media, events and promotions.


  1. You Need Beauty PR Professionals

You don’t need any beauty PR professionals; you need the RIGHT marketing agency and PR professionals for your business. Choosing a PR company that reflects your values and principles is just as important as their results – remember your choice of marketing professionals representing your brand, and in order to come up with innovative marketing campaigns and content, they need to be on the same page. You also want to choose individuals you know you will enjoy working with as they will rapidly become part of your team.


  1. You Need 100,000 Followers On Social Media To Be Successful

Follower numbers are vanity metrics. You should look at your website’s social media reach, engagement, profile clicks, and click-throughs. You don’t need millions of followers to be successful. Buying fake followers to ‘impress’ with your follower count is a big mistake. The reality is that you risk account restrictions or deletion and muddying the waters when it comes to being able to analyse your authentic audience and overall performance and KPIs. Ensure your social media marketing reflects your business and your content creation is attractive to your ideal customers.


Growing your following takes time. Take your time to secure a considerable following. Create a community, run contests, and incorporate influencer marketing as part of your strategy to grow your presence and your following. Create social media posts that answer customer questions, educate and entertain customers, and share links to valuable blog posts.


  1. You Don’t Need To Be Seen In Print

You do not need to be seen in print—this is probably the biggest myth around! Print media still holds immense trust value for consumers, and remember, you won’t reach all potential customers on social media. A piece of content showcasing your beauty products or business founders can offer high-value traditional marketing. Advertising alone won’t work, but having an editorial presence will build authority and trust. Digital media also provides backlink opportunities to improve your website’s Domain Authority and increase your visibility in search engines. 

Foster consumer trust with an omnichannel customer experience approach to secure long-term relationships with your ideal customers and a solid online presence and print content strategy.


  1. You Need To Do Press Launches

In this digital age, with most beauty editors and journalists working freelance these days, the likelihood of attracting a strong turnout at a press launch with crucial beauty media attending is slim. If marketing budgets are modest, investing in artificial intelligence, high-quality marketing materials, and virtual press events could be a more cost-effective solution.


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