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The MirrorMePR team love Ascot, so what should you wear if you are planning to attend this year? Here are our ‘At A Glance’ tips to get ready for Ascot With Style!

  1. Rules are rules. Follow the Ascot Royal Enclosure’s dress rules strictly to ensure entry.
  2. Hats should have a solid base of at least 4 inches & no fascinators in Royal Enclosure.
  3. Hemlines should be to the knee and arms covered.
  4. Dress straps should be one inch or thicker (Make sure bra straps are hidden!)
  5. Lace is a strong story for summer so incorporate in scarves/wraps or dresses but no see-through!
  6. The Queen Anne Enclosure rules dictate no sheer strap dresses or tops allowed.
  7. Keep midriffs and shorts for the beach, not race day!
  8. No formal dress codes apply for the Windsor Enclosure –just keep it smart and leave the sportswear for the gym.
  9. Remember to keep heels sensible and comfortable. We love Nude heels for bare legs!

For full rules on what to wear check out:
Image shows Timothy Foxx Fascinator

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