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September is #happycatmonth, and we have some great tips and advice from our Pet Marketing Team for tips and advice on the ‘purrfect’ way to pamper your cat or kitten.

Cat Food Favourites

You are what you eat, and the same applies to your cat’s diet. Do your research into ingredients when choosing your cat food and also into any breed-specific dietary requirements. Choosing a diet relevant to the cat’s age and needs is vital for good health and a long, happy lifetime. Just like humans, your cats’ dietary needs may change over time, so review periodically. Pamper your cat or kitten with the occasional fresh meat or fish meal as a treat, but make sure you don’t go overboard, resulting in an upset tummy. A little of a good thing is best when it comes to a rich or new food for your feline friend.

Happy Cat Perch

Invest in a luxuriously padded perch near a window so your cat can reside in comfort in a bed with a view. A lovely sunny spot is perfect for daytime napping and will enable your cat to keep a watchful eye on everyday life from the comfort of their bed. Happy Cat Month all year around!

Tree’s Company

A ready-made kitty play station offers your cat the opportunity to climb, scratch and play. With so many on the market, you can go from small to huge, depending on your budget but choosing one that provides both rest and play opportunities is a great idea. A cat tree with an irresistible scratching post is beneficial for training your kitten to use instead of your beloved furniture!

Treat Me Keen

There are plenty of cat and kitten treats on the market, and some cats find treats irresistible, while others prefer a pinch of catnip! Explore the best treats to pamper your cat with for Happy Cat Month and use them as play or training treats.

Clean House & Garden

Keep the love between your neighbours and your cat by providing a deluxe kitty toilet either indoors with the freedom to access it at all times via a cat flap or create an outside kitty toilet made from soft soil. With both, cleanliness is crucial, so clean regularly to encourage your cat to use it, rather than your neighbours freshly dug flower beds.

Play Time

Cats love to play, so spoil and pamper your cat or kitten with new and fun interactive toys. From basic catnip filled cat toys, feathers on string and wands through to swimming robot fish, your kitten or older cat can be spoilt rotten this Happy Cat Month!

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