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If you’re wondering how AI can benefit your business, then our marketing and PR experts have some great tips and advice to help your business thrive with the digital revolution! AI can help reduce errors, and artificial intelligence can give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the game. 


Firstly, You’re Probably Already Using AI

Believe it or not, you are likely already using AI in your business activities and, like most of us, in our everyday lives. If you open your phone using face ID, that’s one example of AI. Checking in on your social media channels and seeing similar types of posts which you’ve recently engaged with? that’s AI. When you’re sending an email, your anti-virus software likely uses machine learning to help protect your inbox too. If you use email marketing software like Mailchimp, you’ll already be taking advantage of the insights gathered on your most recent newsletter’s performance.


Improve The Speed Of Your Business

Artificial intelligence can improve the speed of your business by collating data which is beneficial to your business. This may range from a social media ad performance to accounting software for your tax and VAT returns and so much more. 

When it comes to efficiency, AI can even take onboard business operations by reviewing information about the performance of factory machinery to calculate and recommend maintenance or identify minor faults before they impact productivity and cost. 

Repetitive tasks can be completed in vast amounts to help in a wide range of areas with business benefits which, with human capabilities, would take massive amounts of human power and financial resources.


Better Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of your business model.

Your industry is highly likely to be extremely competitive, and artificial intelligence-powered solutions can help create a great customer experience, which can help increase customer loyalty and boost sales. 

A study by Zendesk revealed that 42% of business-to-consumer customers purchase more after a good customer service experience. Lousy customer service interactions result in 52% of customers not buying. 59% of shoppers who experienced personalisation think that it greatly influences their purchase decisions. For example, when Amazon introduced their recommendation system, it saw a 29% increase in sales. These numbers show that the “everyday” use of AI, which customers are already accustomed to, really brings real value.

For those websites that receive high-demand customer service, chatbots (when implemented correctly) can efficiently guide and update customers with FAQs which would otherwise slow down real human customer service interactions and help businesses prioritise those customers most in need. 


Easier Recruitment And Talent Spotting

Recruiting can be a painful process if you head up a large company. By working with AI, sifting through hundreds of CVs is quickly done to narrow down suitable candidates for humans to interview and make the final selection. Businesses can make the recruitment process quicker and easier to avoid losing out on the best candidates who rival companies in a typical recruitment time scale could snap up. And avoid human error.


Benefits Of AI And Humans Working Together

As you may have already guessed, humans and AI can and do work well when implemented correctly into your business. Choosing the right types of machine learning for your business is crucial. For example, our award-winning PR & Marketing Agency already uses AI-powered tools to cross-check documents, benefit our client’s SEO & social media performance, or help us analyse a competitor’s website in our competitor research.

However, we wouldn’t use ChatGPT to write a document, press release or equestrian copywriting content because we know it would not replace our journalistic talent or expertise and, as seen, offers plenty of scope for duplication and misinformation. Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly here to stay and will, over time, become more sophisticated, but it still requires a human brain and, in our case, human talent! The vital aspect to remember is that it can benefit and boost business productivity and revenue when harnessed correctly. 

However, like any tool, you must know how, what and when to use it to get the full benefit. 


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