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As an award-winning social media marketing agency and creative equine marketing agency, we know how to create engaging and valuable content for an equine audience. The equine industry is full of equestrian business owners keen to attract potential clients, so here are our expert tips and advice for elevating your equine business profile.


Know Your Equine Audience

Know who your equine audience is. What are their ages, genders, likes, and dislikes? Building a customer persona is a powerful tool that will help you create engaging content that is relevant to your audience and help build your equine business’s reputation in customer trust and loyalty.

Every equestrian business is different. Stay true to your equine brand and create a seamless tone of voice throughout your online and print presence. Focus on your target audience and seek to attract potential customers with relevant content that will appeal to them.

 Your equestrian marketing efforts will connect you with other horse enthusiasts and secure relationships with current customers in a competitive landscape.


Create Engaging Content With A Purpose

Whether it’s creating an advertising campaign or creating engaging content on social media, in all these types of content, you need to be able to answer the ‘why’ in the reasoning behind the content. Is the purpose of the content to engage with your customers, make them laugh, and build a more personable customer relationship? Or is it to highlight a new product and want to make a purchase?  Think about the ‘whys’ and plan your content with a purpose and a desire to attract a wider audience.

Your relationships with customers don’t end after the sale. Maintaining a presence in the equestrian industry is the secret to all success stories, and your marketing efforts are crucial. From equestrian events to your social media advertising, a shared passion for horses is vital to building relationships.


Invest In Your Content Creation

Nothing is free. If you are trying to cut corners, it will show. Competing with equestrian brands with bigger marketing budgets than you doesn’t mean that you remain smaller. In fact, our equine client’s social media accounts are mighty in terms of outperforming their larger competitors. We ensure our client’s budgets are invested correctly to deliver ROI. You can’t compete with budgets, but you can compete with creativity.

Research your blog posts, invest in SEO Copywriting Services and share educational content to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Develop a social media marketing strategy which speaks to your target audience and draws interest across your social media platforms. Informative blog posts establish your authority and knowledge.

Photo and video libraries can help ‘pad out’ the missing gaps in your content strategy. However, if you don’t invest in good photography and video, your brand will quickly fall behind. We organise regular content days for our clients to ensure we have up-to-date, seasonally relevant content and work with influencers.

Repurposing customer testimonials is unique to your equine business and will ensure your business stands out in the horse industry.


Appoint Equestrian Marketing Professionals

With over forty years of marketing experience, our equine marketing and PR team is the experts at creating engaging content that will resonate with your existing customer base and attract new customers. 

As lifelong equestrians and horse riders, we are in the unique position of understanding what horse riders and horse owners want, like and need with the added advantage of working across the lifestyle and luxury sector with expertise in advertising, TV, radio and the broader market. 

Your potential customers are reading your social media posts, viewing your social media campaigns, and looking out for you in Horse & Hound, so are you ready to begin your successful equine marketing journey? 


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