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Whether you are launching a Luxury Beauty Brand or a Luxury Product Event or Service, how you position your brand will mean the difference between success and failure. Our Luxury Lifestyle Team discuss how to perfect your luxury brand launch.


Go Bespoke

Luxury should mean individuality. If you are planning to launch a luxury brand, make sure that your launch is as individual as your brand. Choose an event or launch process which genuinely reflects your brand. When we are looking at a new client launch, we will delve deep into our client’s background, their personal tastes and scrutinise their brand journey. It’s about finding out what sets you apart from the competition. And fine-tuning those individual elements to create a story around your luxury brand, that is as individual as you. Look at Barbour , Bentley Motors and Balenciaga  three very different brands with strong  luxury market positioning and identity.


Connect Emotionally

Before launch, you should have delved deep into your customer profiling. Knowing who your target customer is will determine the narrative that you convey throughout your presentation. From physical in-store connections through to your social media channels and online experience, connecting emotively with your customer is going to be crucial.


Be Different

Position your luxury brand with a difference. Every luxury brand has a USP. Tap into your unique properties to establish your brand as different from the start. What does your brand stand for? What defines your luxury brand? And what makes it stand out from the competition. Ensure that consumers remember you for all the right reasons. Your Luxury PR should be able to easily identify these aspects of your premium brand.


Live The Dream

When the consumer buys a luxury item, they buy into a dream. What’s your vision? Your luxury brand launch needs to reflect this dream. If budgets are tight, you can still create something special with an innovative team around you. Tap into the luxury lifestyle that your target luxury consumers are already familiar with. Choose elements which will thrill and excite them.


Make It Special 

Whatever your plans for launching your luxury brand, ensure that you create a defining moment that won’t be forgotten. Whether you choose to create an exciting event, deliver the ultimate press gift or give something in return to your first 100 customers, remember to make it memorable and a talking point.  


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