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To celebrate National Picnic Month, the Country PR Team share their top tips and advice for the enjoying the perfect picnic at the beach, park or evening proms this summer.


Pick The Perfect Spot

Arriving early to your destination should help you beat the crowds and offer you the pick of the park or ideal beach spot. If you haven’t brought sunshade with you, try and choose a position that provides some shade from the mid-day sun.


Get Good Ground Cover

Investing in a decent picnic blanket is money well spent. Choose a blanket that rolls up with carrier handles and for our typical British summer weather, choosing one with a waterproof base ensures you can sit on the ground without a wet derriere!


Be Prepared

Recycle those used jam jars as makeshift oil and dressing containers. Their airtight, sturdy screw on tops make them an excellent choice for liquids, and their shape makes them easy to pack. We also love this tip from BBC Good Food for a quick picnic hack that helps keep your food cold and a fabulous, refreshing cool drink too;

” Freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays then pop the cubes out into an airtight lunchbox. This will keep the food around the container nice and cool – then, once the juice melts, you can pour it into cups, top it up with soda water and drink it.”


Save The Planet & Our Environment

Packing your best crockery and crystal might not be the best choice for eating alfresco, but ceramic plates, cutlery and glassware are the eco-friendliest option. Alternatively, you can now buy bamboo, palm leaf and even sugar cane plates, which are biodegradable and compostable. For a recyclable cup to love, our client’s La Di Da Interiors has the perfect Bamboo Reusable Cup to enjoy your hot beverage or soft drink in (we love their ‘Time To Be A Unicorn’ design. Remember to take all your rubbish home and recycle it where possible to keep the beauty spot that you just dined in looking beautiful for its next lucky diners.


Carry Light

Strip your picnic basket down to the basics. Take one proper knife with you and as much finger food as possible! Take along some biodegradable kitchen towels (because we know you’re going to need it!) and some anti-bacterial hand gel for those ‘sticky’ moments.


Keep Your Cool

Keeping your food and drinks cool is always a challenge, but there are some fantastic reusable ice packs on the market these days. We love a traditional wicker hamper but store your perishables in a cooler bag to ensure they are fresh and edible by the time you sit down to dine.


Flies Away

Don’t let flies and mosquitos ruin your dining experience. As the light begins to fade, midges and mosquitos will start to appear, so don’t forget to pack some natural insect repellent to ensure you don’t end up as somebodies’ dinner!


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