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As pet owners become increasingly conscious of their furry friends’ environmental impact. As a result, the demand for sustainable pet products and brands has soared. By buying into sustainable pet brands, you’re supporting ethical pet brands and businesses and minimising your carbon footprint in your daily life. In this pet blog, our Pet Brand PR & Marketing team explore how to spot sustainable pet brands, from pet foods, pet treats, and biodegradable poop bags to eco-friendly dog toys and highlight a few of our favourite brands showcasing environmental responsibility.


Look for Eco-Friendly Materials:

Sustainable pet brands often use eco-friendly materials in their products. These materials are biodegradable, recyclable, or made from renewable resources. Look out for products made from natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp, or natural rubber. Additionally, brands that use recycled materials, such as recycled plastic bottles or reclaimed textiles, are committed to sustainability. 

Pet products that avoid harmful chemicals are better for the planet and our fur babies and lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Keep an eye out for pet brands that champion upcycled ingredients and sustainable products and incorporate renewable energy sources, as highlighted below. 


Consider The Pet Brand’s Manufacturing Processes:

Pay attention to pet brands’ manufacturing processes. Sustainable brands strive to minimise waste, energy consumption, and harmful emissions. Look for brands that apply sustainable practices such as carbon offsetting, energy-efficient manufacturing, and waste reduction initiatives, including renewable materials. Certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard (OTS), Sustainable Pet Food Association, or Fair Trade certifications can also signify a brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

With hundreds of pet food brands to choose from, pet food companies should look to reduce their carbon emissions to tempt fur parents and keep their carbon footprint low. Look for pet food production that sources organic ingredients, includes locally sourced natural ingredients (where possible), whether dry food or wet food, and comes in eco-friendly packaging. 


Sustainable Packaging and Shipping Practices:

Sustainable pet brands are mindful of their packaging and shipping practices. Look for brands that use minimal and recyclable packaging materials, such as cardboard or biodegradable plastic alternatives. Brands that employ sustainable shipping methods, such as consolidating orders to minimise transportation or partnering with carbon-neutral shipping companies, also reduce their environmental impact.


Animal Welfare and Testing Policies:

One crucial aspect of sustainable pet brands is their commitment to animal welfare. Look for brands with clear policies against animal testing and ensure their products are cruelty-free. Additionally, some brands may donate some of their profits to animal welfare organisations. Others actively engage in initiatives promoting animal well-being.


The Truth, Transparency and Certifications:

Trustworthy sustainable pet brands are transparent about their manufacturing processes, materials, and environmental impact. They often provide detailed information about their sustainability efforts on their websites or packaging. Look for certifications that validate a brand’s claims, such as the Organic Soil Association or the Forest Sustainability Certificate (FSC) certification for sustainable wood sourcing.


Our Top Sustainable Pet Brand Stores:

  • Sustainapaws: This small UK-based business makes a range of interactive toys made from recycled plastic and a small range of organic cotton collars, leads, and bow ties. We love sustainable dog products!


  • Peace With The Wild: This online store includes cruelty-free beauty brands for pets, food and drink, and gift inspiration! A family-run business based in the North Of England has handpicked the best eco-friendly brands and put them all online for your shopping pleasure.


  • Goood Dog: This award-winning dog food brand uses locally sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. It also uses free-range ingredients with no added artificial colouring, flavouring, or preservatives—delicious food for your pup!


  • Pet Impact: The UK-based pet brand company uses materials like bamboo and organic cotton in their products and prioritises manufacturing processes that minimise waste. Luxury that doesn’t cost the earth!


Support Sustainable Pet Brands

Choosing sustainable pet brands benefits the environment and ensures the well-being of our beloved pets. By considering factors such as eco-friendly materials, manufacturing processes, packaging and shipping practices, animal welfare policies, and certifications, we can make informed choices when selecting products for our furry friends. Support pet brands that prioritise eco-friendly dog products. Those that champion sustainability, and positively impact the world, even if it’s just one paw at a time.


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