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Three Horses | Luxury PRWe’ve launched international brands to UK shores with much success and like any new name introduced to the media, and ultimately the consumer, planning ahead is key to getting the results you want, as our MD Ashley explains…

While relatively small the UK is still a territory that many international brands are keen to break into to have presence and visibility in this country.

We always establish relatively early on, what their end goals are and in which ways they wish to expand in the UK. Some are looking to draw more online trade from the UK and install consumer confidence for British customers via media exposure, while for others they wish to establish and grow their retailer network. Knowing this very early on is imperative because it determines exactly how we can become that crucial part of your team and as a luxury PR agency, support your vision.

Another factor to consider is your imagery – is it suitable for a UK marketplace? Sounds obvious, but subtle details can really make your images stand out for all the wrong reasons and so you may need even to have to consider shooting new images. As a former stylist, I apply this experience in helping our clients put together shoots, briefing stylists, etc. and so after they’ve signed off the mood boards, photographer and make-up choice, all they need to do is turn up to the shoot and enjoy the day!

The British media are also unique in that they have set ways they like to receive content and this may be different from how you’re used to working in your native country. This is where our experience comes into play and how we ensure that your brand is presented to those editors in exactly the way they like it.

With a background in retail and fashion, the luxury PR team here have a wealth of knowledge in the selling process. This allows us to offer an even greater in-depth insight into exactly how we will promote your brand and also in developing campaigns which are mindful of lead times, not only in the seasonal drop sense but also from a media perspective so when your collection is ready to go, so is your media coverage.


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