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Country PR, how the countryside is the best place to get fit

Keeping fit and healthy is generally a familiar theme for a lot of folk when asked what their new resolutions are, so MMPR’s Country PR team have decided to share their top tips for keeping your momentum going!


There is a saying there is never bad weather but bad clothing choices and we agree! As a country PR agency we are always out in the elements, whether it’s at county shows or on location shoots. Invest in a good basic functional wardrobe and wrap up for the worst the winter can throw at you and get out and enjoy the countryside!


Take a walk instead of the car. We know it can sometimes feel really grim out there but a brisk walk every day will do you the world of good and make you feel more energised and also happier (Yes even if it’s just because you will be glad to be inside with the central heating again). The Country PR team are lucky enough to have some great country walks around us so take advantage of having a dog or in our case (we take turns with the office doggies) and take a break out of your busy day and get outdoors!


Volunteering is a great way to get out into the countryside and do something valuable. Whether it’s dog walking, conservation, helping to maintain wildlife reserves or organic farming, there is so much you can do to support the great British countryside and make a difference and a web search in your area is bound to bring some great opportunities.


Riding a bike or horse is a great way to get out and see the countryside and get fit! If you own a horse, you’ll already know that it’s not just time in the saddle which will keep you fit but all those additional yard duties such as mucking out and sweeping the yard that helps keep you fit! If you have a horsey friend but not horse to accompany them out on a ride, grab your two wheeled steed and accompany them out on their next ride.