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Whether you have an existing brick and mortar business or are a brand new business launching online, our Marketing Experts share their tips for launching your business online and avoiding these big mistakes.


Poor User Experience

If you’re serious about launching your business online, you need to ensure that your website reflects your business. Ensure your website is easy to use, navigate and buy from. Poor user experience can increase your bounce rate as people give up searching or purchasing. Over time this will harm your Google ranking. Not to mention a drop in sales. Investing in a quality website build might involve considerable upfront costs, but having a well-designed website will be a return on investment in the long run.


Terrible Photography

It always amazes us how some brands expect you to buy exclusively online and tempt you with fuzzy, pixelated or very amateurish photos of their products. If the visitor can’t see clearly what you are selling, you won’t convince everyone. No matter how good your reviews or reputation. Spending money on quality lifestyle and studio photography will ensure that your products look attractive and clear enough for consumers to purchase. There is a reason why those brands spend thousands on photography. Even at the lower end of the market – because it sells products. Don’t expect your business to be any different.


Fulfilment & Shipping Issues

Not having your fulfilment and shipping set up correctly is a hurdle we see many new online businesses fail. It can be challenging (and expensive) when you start to find an affordable shipping option. Still, it’s imperative that you have a plan as you grow and a reliable method to get your customer’s orders out efficiently.


Juggling Too Many Roles

It’s very common to see business owners wearing too many hats and juggling too many roles. Attempting to micro-manage staff you have appointed to do a specific job, then getting involved at a granular level, is a wasteful investment. Focus on your strengths and tasks you find easy. As your online business grows, delegate your workload to your team and outsource experts to help manage your online business. Marketing Experts can help manage everything from your Google Business Profile, your Social Media MarketingDigital PRInfluencer Marketing, etc.


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