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With over 40 years collective experience working in the equestrian sector, you could say we know our horses from our hounds and are experts in Equestrian PR! Founded as a solely Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency in 2011, we later developed to cover areas naturally in keeping with this lifestyle; country living, pets, and a love of luxury led to us becoming the agency you see before you today.

As we developed, so did our client portfolio and we found that our background in fashion, film and TV draw a broader collection of clients from across the field, but what sets us apart from the herd as an equestrian pr, social media and marketing agency?

Strength In Numbers

Our wealth of experience over the years adds up, both in numbers and the kind of services we can offer our clients. We’re up to speed with industry trends & editorial changes within the media and have fantastic relationships with the press. Our MD is a former (qualified) journalist so can ‘sell-in’ our client’s products and stories with angles and hooks that journalists love.

It’s About The Influence

Just as with any other industry, the equestrian world is seeing it’s fair share of equestrian bloggers and equestrian influencers. Having previous experience outside of the equestrian sector dealing with high profile influencers on global brands means we do our research and connect your brand with the right influencer for the perfect fit and relationship. We successfully implement and manage such beneficial relationships with our clients on a daily basis.

Reputation Is Everything

We pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled equestrian pr service, and the equine pr team here love what they do and know horses. We talk the right language, be it through press interactions or while managing our various client’s social channels. As an award-winning specialist agency with qualifications across journalism, SEO writing, social media marketing and social media strategy, and the first and only equestrian pr agency on the RAR (recommended agency register) as voted for by our clients, we are unique!

How Do I Choose An Equestrian PR?

* Go on media recommendation but don’t use this as the only benchmark.

* Check out their social profiles and written content – if they are offering these services, take a closer look at these areas. Do they all carry the same tone of voice? Are they up to scratch?

* Be mindful of budget. Every brand has a budget to work to, but cheap doesn’t always equal an excellent service. You do pay for what you get.

* Check their credentials and qualifications. Are they members of official PR bodies, do they adhere to a professional code of conduct? Anyone can call themselves a PR, but this doesn’t mean they know how to expertly guide and steer your brand.

* Be wary of over-ambitious claims of coverage. Our clients value and appreciate our honesty and realism. Being hooked in on the promise of international stardom and then finding out they are delivering none will only leave you feeling frustrated and foolish.

* Pick up the phone. Not only will it give you a good feel for the company but also an insight into how they work. Are they a good fit for your brand? Did you enjoy chatting with them? Our relationships with our clients are very close, so if you didn’t enjoy the conversation, think twice about pursuing it further.

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You can call us on: +44 (0)207 -0432-345 or drop us a line equine@mirrormepr.co.uk to start the conversation with your experts in equestrian pr.