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Starting a dog walking business can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative, but you need to know how to market your dog walking services to attract clients effectively. Here are some strategies from our Pet PR Team to help your dog-walking business attract clients.


Establish your Business Goals

If you plan to set up this type of business, ensure you know your business objectives and have factored in your business overheads, including fuel, purchasing and kitting out your dog walking van, business insurance policies, etc. 

Taking time now to plan for your business venture will ensure that you have the legal requirements in place and are realistic about the startup costs with a strong business plan in place. 


Create a ‘Wooftastic’ Website

Any successful business owner will tell you that a professional website is essential for any business, and the same applies to a dog-walking business. It will give pet owners a place to find out more about your services, and it also serves as an online portfolio of sorts. Make sure your website includes clear photos of you and your team with dogs, as well as detailed descriptions of the dog walking services you offer, your dog walking insurance and any other pet business insurances, such as public liability insurance that you may hold, testimonials from current clients, pricing information, etc.

Offering clarity on your eligibility as a legal dog-walking business is essential to your business identity. 

If you have any certifications in animal care or animal behaviour, your website is the place to showcase these. Any qualifications or training in your specialist industry will set you apart from your competition and help secure a solid client base. 

If you offer additional services such as pet sitting or boarding services, then add these to your website information. A successful dog walking business understands what potential customers want and look for in dog walking businesses so make sure you include valuable information.


Go Fetch your SEO

As certified SEO copywriters, we know how important search engine optimisation is for small local businesses. Our copywriting services are popular with companies keen to present their firms as both professional and capture keywords to strengthen their organic Google search position.

We can help you get the edge against your dog-walking businesses in your area by including helpful and informative blogs on canine behaviour and pet care. Subjects such as five rainy day essentials for walking the dog are entertaining and interesting.


Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be beneficial for marketing your dog-walking business and give you a robust online presence. Not only can you use them to promote special offers or discounts, but they also provide a great way to connect with potential customers and build relationships.

Make sure to post regular updates on the progress of your business and lots of pictures of happy dogs enjoying their walks! Remember, with many dog owners working, sharing your time with dogs on social media will give them further reassurance as a pet care business and your responsibilities as a dog walking business. You want to show that you are an animal lover, showcase your expertise beyond basic understanding, and educate prospective clients on how dogs in public must behave.

Remember to share tips and advice, such as what to look for in choosing the best pet sitting services or what pet insurance your dog sitter should have, to educate your followers and help them make informed decisions. If you establish yourself as an expert, you’re more likely to be the first choice when they are choosing a dog walking business.


Networking with a Good Nose for Business

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, so spread the word about your services among family and friends. You should also attend local events related to pet care, such as pet shows or vet conferences, to network with other professionals in the industry. 

Ensure you have marketing materials to hand out at events and have business cards on you at all times. This will help you get your name out there and generate more leads.


Get Involved in the Community

Participating in local community events is another excellent way to get your name out there and attract more clients to your dog-walking business. You can volunteer at fundraisers, pet shelters, or other pet-related activities. This will not only help you build relationships within the community but also demonstrate your commitment to helping animals. Even donating to a chosen animal shelter will be a good reflection on your pet care business.

Additionally, attending events is a great opportunity for potential clients to meet you and learn about what you do, which could result in more business for you!


Offer Referral Programs to get Tails Wagging

Referrals are essential when marketing any business, so capitalise on them by offering referral programs to your existing customers. This can be as simple as offering discounts or free services to those who refer new clients to your business. This will help you get more customers and encourage loyalty from existing ones.

By utilising these strategies, you can effectively market your dog-walking business and attract more clients. Good luck!


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