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With the rise in ‘natural’ brands continuing to grow, there is a revolution in the pet products industry. The Soil Association created a report  that details the 11th consecutive year of growth for this market, with +15% growth in 2021 of Soil Association certified organic and natural products meaning this market is now worth £138.23m. Whilst this might broadly apply to human beauty, health and wellness, that’s big money. How can you find and choose authentic natural pet brands? In this blog, our Pet Marketing Team share their tips and advice.


What Are Natural Pet Products

The term natural in definition means ‘not artificial and existing in nature. A natural dog treat, for example, we would expect a treat that had not undergone any processing, such as a natural fruit or vegetable. However, most shop-bought dog treats aren’t just a banana or apples. They have been processed, so what makes them natural? We recommend looking at the ingredients in this example to see how many natural ingredients are included. Do the dog treats contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives? If they do, they are veering away from ‘natural’. If you don’t recognise the ingredients listed, the likelihood is that it is very far removed from ‘natural’. When it comes to a natural pet brand that produces dog beds or eco-friendly dog toys, we would be looking for credentials such as cruelty-free, non-toxic, plastic-free and natural fibres.


How Do You Find A Natural Pet Products

Searching the term in Google, and you will see a flurry of Google Shopping Ads. Take a closer look, and all might not be what it first seems. If you want to find a natural pet brand, search past page one or two or more on Google. The likelihood is that a natural pet brand won’t have a huge marketing budget. It won’t be able to compete with commercial pet brands. Search on social media for #naturalpetproducts on Instagram, and you will find thousands of posts and product promotions. 


How To Choose Natural Pet Products

Check the ingredients and the pet brand’s credentials. If they rave about how good the product is for your pup, does it come in eco-friendly packages and is also good for the planet? Look for an ethical pet brand that is ‘free from’ and take a note of the ingredients and google them if need be! Look for a small independent company that produces small batches of natural pet products that have a passion.


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