Exciting Collaboration For MMPR! - MirrorMePR

MirrorMePR are proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with Surrey based digital agency Thunderbolt Digital.

The new relationship will ensure that MMPR clients can now enjoy an ‘add-on’ dedicated social media marketing service with a professional agency with a wealth of experience, as our MD Ashley Rossiter explains:

“The digital world is constantly evolving, so in order to offer our clients the best possible advantages and help them move in synch with trends, we’ve chosen Thunderbolt Digital as our partner of choice. Having experts to hand who can steer our clients in the right direction is key and allows us to plan campaigns more effectively”

Saybhan Delikhan, MD of Thunderbolt Digital echo’s this sentiment:

“It’s no longer enough to just have someone in the office who can ‘do a bit of tweeting or post on FB’ alongside their ‘primary roles’. Social media & digital marketing is a specialist area which requires expertise, knowledge and planning to capture opportunities and keep ahead in this fast moving medium”

The association will allow clients the opportunity to tailor and handpick services ranging from SEO, ranking and social media support and planning.

Thunderbolt is a well-established design and marketing powerhouse with a wide range of clients across all sectors.