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Christmas animal as seen in 2016 christmas adverts

Here at MirrorMePR, we love all things Christmas! Although we have planned Christmas for all our Equine and Canine PR clients months ago, we can’t help but enjoy the inundation of adverts filling our screen at this time of year. We have selected our top five this year that we feel are worth a mention.

Our love for animals is evident, and our equine and canine PR departments can’t help but love any advert including our furry friends! Therefore the John Lewis advert was always going to be top of our list. The childish delight of the animals jumping on the trampoline was always going to be a winner- and who doesn’t love Buster the Boxer?

Another firm favourite was this years Heathrow Airport advert. The ending especially was, admittedly, a tear jerker! It has a beautiful message and a told story without using words, not only reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas, but also the use of teddy bears was enough to send us into a cute overload frenzy!

The Amazon Prime Christmas advert is evidently working within the theme of ‘saving the day’. The beautiful advert, although it never specifically mentions Christmas once, invokes the spirit of the holiday season through the act of gift-giving, whilst delivering a touching tale of interfaith friendship.

Of course, if the John Lewis advert is anything to go by, the Waitrose advert will always be a winner too! The Waitrose advert warmed our hearts, partly because it made us we feel all wintery looking at the snow but mostly because we love robins and their association with a traditional white Christmas.

Marks and Spencer have truly outdone themselves this year. The story of Mrs Claus delivering presents in a true Bond fashion was a great way to show that behind every great man, is a great woman! The story, not only humorous, did tug at our heart strings with its charm.

Although we have only highlighted our top five adverts, there are so many more out there, some others include the Sainsbury’s advert  and the Aldi advert . However, due to our work within Canine PR and Equine PR, any adverts including animals will always be a winner in our eyes.