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The MirrorMe Pet PR team have been planning their summer holidays and for some, that means ensuring your pets are happy in their holiday homes too! But if you’ve ever felt marginally guilty and don’t want to kennel your pet in as you jet off for your family holiday, then read on as we share a few of these amazing places where your dog (or cat) could be having more fun than you (yes you read that right!)

The Canine Country Club

This Cornwall hotel offers your pooch the perfect place to relax and have fun. Boasting acres of securely fenced lands, your dog can run and be free without the need of a lead. And after he’s had a real tear about and plenty of fun, he can settle down to enjoy an evening lounging on his own human style (low to the ground) bed complete with bed covers and cushions. Each room has it’s own thermostat so they can regulate the temperature depending on your dog’s needs or breed. We love the on site Hydrotherapy pool complete with fully qualified rehabilitation hydrotherapist and doggie chauffeur service that runs to and from London, Hampshire, Bristol, Bath, Devon, Cornwall to pick up or drop off your pampered dog!

The House of Hugo

A boutique dog hotel based in Shoreham By Sea, Sussex and offers doggie guests king sized beds, plasma TV showing dog TV (Yes TV especially for dogs to watch!), and they even get a ‘settle down’ service at bedtime which includes a cuddle! There is an adventure dog outdoor play area and hydrotherapy pool. Daily dog walks are included as is time spent in the ‘pack room’ where they get to meet new doggie friends and socialise with friends and also use the doggie gym. A Pawsome pick from our Pet PR team!!

The Inges Luxury Cat Hotel 

is EXACTLY that! Based on a luxury hotel theme, The MirrorMePR Pet PR Agency team wouldn’t mind a night or two in this stunning hotel! Sadly exclusively for cats, we aren’t allowed, but your fluffy feline friend will enjoy the under floor heating (winter breaks), flat screen TV’s, wrought iron four poster beds and 5-star service make this the ultimate place for a cat nap!!

In The Dog House

A family run business that offers a variety of themed rooms equipped with their very own heating and air conditioning, luxury beds, televisions and radios with the offer of a good brush and spritz at the end of their stay, so they return home smelling… well, less doggie. As well as a gated exercise area for your dogs to play outside, they also have indoor play rooms for those rainy days if Lucy or Jeff don’t ‘do’ rainy day walks. They also specialise in miniature dogs, offering a different package which offers all the same luxury accommodation but with on-site groomers for extra pampering and a secure courtyard for your little Princess or Prince to stretch their legs in safety.

The Suffolk Canine Creche

For those of you who regularly Skype or FaceTime your dogs when you are away (what are we the only ones?!) the Suffolk Canine Creche has web cams so you can log in and see your dog at any time. They also have night managers who stay awake all night to ensure your canine friend is happy and content all night as well as the day. The communal room also has a webcam, so you can see your dogs chilling out in this lounge-like environment complete with TV. With themed rooms and children’s beds, your pooch will enjoy his own heated room with double glazing and flat screen TV

Reviewing these amazing places to stay, our Pet PR team think your dog will be looking forward to his annual holiday more than you, but if you can’t bear to leave your dog behind, here are some tips for holidaying with your dog.