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As a professional company specialising in Equine Luxury PR, MirrorMe know how that riding can have many positive effects on your wellbeing. Below is yet another benefit to add to the ever growing list.

The benefits of horse riding are far-reaching. From the physical benefits of participating in exercise and being out in the fresh air and countryside to experiencing a relationship with an animal like no other, riding is bound to have a positive effect on children. Riding a horse teaches you respect, manners and negotiation skills (well, with 10 tonnes of horse you have to work as a partnership, or you are either going nowhere or being removed from the saddle!) It also teaches you essential communication skills, even body language!

The MirrorMe Equine Luxury PR Team have all been riding since childhood and can vouch for all the above, but an exciting new study from the Tokyo University Of Agriculture has gone one step further. They’ve discovered that when you are riding, the horse’s vibrations actually seem to activate an area of the brain (the sympathetic nervous system).

When children were asked to complete simple maths and response tests before and after riding, it was found that riding significantly improved the children’s memory, learning and solving problems. The discovery wasn’t as significant when it came to maths (but hey, you can’t have everything!) What was found to be unique to horse riding, unlike riding a bike, was the movement of the horse’s pelvis. The unique, three dimensional acceleration horses have also seemed to have an effect on the human body in a positive way.

So if ever you needed more reasons to get your children into the saddle, there’s now one more to add to the list!

Here at MirrorMe Equine Luxury PR, we know how many benefits horses can provide to you and your family. If you enjoyed this blog, you might also like this blog on rider’s essential guides.