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Rio Olympics 2016 | Equine PR | MirrorMePR

Keeping up to speed with the equestrian events has been both thrilling and disappointing. It’s thrilling as we see some fantastic combinations, including riders who we are lucky enough to know personally taking to the international stage and disappointment in the sense that we know some of Team GB’s horses were unable to go forth and represent our country due to injury.

As any horse owner knows, our four-legged friends have a wonderful knack of going lame or incurring an injury just before or in the lead up to a big competition, but to be out in Rio and ready for the Olympics it must be a huge disappointment for the rider and their fellow teammates and all concerned.

As well as all the excitement, there has also been security scares surrounding the event. These include reports of a bullet landing in the stabling area and also one report of one landing in the press office. Another let us know that a press bus was hit by a bullet, shattering a window. We hope that everyone will remain safe from harm and that these incidents don’t overshadow the brilliance of what the Olympics should be all about; showcasing the amazing athleticism and talent of all competitors, when it comes to a sport where both animal and human work together as a team, showcasing partnerships and relationships that go beyond the spoken word.

Whilst we may not have performed across all disciplines as brilliantly as we did back in London 2012, we do have some serious talent and with the Paralympic riders getting ready for their opportunity to shine, we really are looking forward to seeing our British riders out there on the world stage and hopefully return home with some medals. Our Equine PR team at MirrorMePr wish them the best of the luck!