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SEO & social media are likely to form a core element in your marketing plans, but what are the differences and, what works where, and how can they work together? This business blog explains the basics you need to know to supercharge your SEO!


SEO vs Social Media: What’s the Difference?

SEO is search engine optimization, and the term social media relates to your social media channels. Your SEO efforts focus on discovery, and your social media focuses on community building. It doesn’t mean that your social media channels don’t or can’t rank in search, they can and do, but their primary focus is to create social interaction with your clients or customers and start a conversation. 


Think of your SEO as the engine that drives your ability to rank for search engine results or questions. Your social media is the vehicle that can carry new visitors to your website. Google is there to ask a direct question, but social media is often an opportunity to answer questions that consumers may haven’t even thought about! 


What Format Does SEO Take?

SEO takes on the format of longer-form text, articles and information. Focusing on topics and keywords related to your business or industry makes it possible over time to build a solid SEO strategy that works. With Google Algorithm updates, creating content that entertains or educates your website visitors and serves a purpose is more crucial than ever. Keyword stuffing and poorly written content can negatively impact your website ranking. 


High-quality content will include inbound links and be the type of content visitors want to read and share. This type of original content will help your search engine ranking, keep your bounce rate low and provide valuable content that supports search algorithms. Keywords affect your SEO, so choose wisely or appoint expert copywriting services!


How Can Social Media Improve Your SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in your digital marketing strategy because it allows people to find your content. The higher your content ranks on the SERP (search engine results page), the more visitors it will attract. Social media can help drive traffic to your website via well-written informative, quality content and superb copywriting to help engage and draw conversions. Sharing website content on your social channels helps drive organic traffic, increase visibility, and expand your content reach. Social shares will help your social media accounts achieve greater awareness. Engaging video content shared on your social media posts to promote a potential link to your website can prove valuable.


Good Social Media Profiles Build Trust

Consistently bad grammar and spelling on your social media channels can be just as off-putting as if they were discoverable on your website. Think about your profile biographies on each social media channel. Each platform has a different format and character count, so adapt to ‘sell’ your brand effectively. Facebook allows for longer-length introductions, so spend some time creating a bio that explains who, what, and why. Your social media platforms can often be the first touch point for discovery, so ensure your social profiles are up to date and send out the correct social signals.


Backlinks For Both SEO & Social Media?

Your SEO content is a ranking factor, so every piece of content you include on your website should be relevant content, include link building with internal links and contain a keyword strategy to drive quality traffic. As business owners, your content marketing strategy needs to cover these areas. Your Google Analytics will give you plenty of insight into the source of traffic and your social media referral traffic leads. Your social platforms can offer one of the best ways to get traffic to your website


Appointing professionals in your social media management will not only make this a seamless process (for example, we research and write SEO content for our clients and then, as social media managers, create social posts). Social media optimization and social media SEO don’t just happen. Your social content needs to be tailored to your target audience and incorporate visual content to engage with potential customers and answer a search query or voice search. 


We also explore backlink PR opportunities for our PR clients. PR can help improve your backlinks and SEO, a valuable asset to any brand or business.