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As Beauty Marketing Experts, we’ve gleaned a fabulous beauty tip or two over the years. This blog shares a few of the skincare mistakes you might make to help supercharge your beauty regime.


Not Adapting Your Skincare To Suit Your Age

As we age, so do our skincare needs, so it’s essential to review your skin care needs over time. When we are in our twenties, our collagen production and skin cell renewal work perfectly, but as we age, both slow down, resulting in dull skin. Look for professional-grade skincare products that will help restore that youthful glow to your skin. Medical chemical peels are another great way to supercharge more mature skin, and clinics such as Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic offer a range of high-grade face peels with tailored aftercare plans to achieve gorgeous dewy skin.


Using Products Beyond Their Shelf Life

This is something that most of us are guilty of! Once opened, your pot of skin cream will have a shelf life. Using creams past their sell-by dates can mean that the effectiveness of the ingredients is reduced but more alarming, the product can actually start to turn toxic. So, for those who like to swap up your skincare routine with lots of products, take note!


Skimping On Your Beauty Routine

Skimping on your beauty routine is OK now and again. Still, repeated bad habits such as going to be with your make-up on, not cleansing or washing your face or not applying SPF daily can all have a marked impact on your skin, from acne outbreaks through to skin pigmentation issues. Keep your skincare routine simple and easy to include in your everyday routine and save more time-intensive treatments for the weekends to achieve glowing skin


Supplementing Your Skincare

Even with the most targeted skincare routine won’t succeed if nutritionally you are not ‘feeding your skin’ with the proper nutrients within. Few of us eat a healthy diet all of the time, so any additional support you can give your skin will always be a bonus. We love Vegan Collagen for its beauty-boosting 100% natural ingredients. Full of plant goodness, it has everything you need to boost your collagen in one daily scoop.

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