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Growing your business in the early days is a challenge for anyone but especially in those first tentative years, when it’s you that does, well, everything! You are the social media manager, the PR, the salesperson, the office clerk, the accountant, the list goes on. Our business coaching and consultation services are here to help small business owners recharge and refocus for super results.

Are You a Super Boss?

Being superwoman (or man) 24/7 is exhausting, and often it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Our clients know from personal experience how valuable our advice and expert knowledge can be when making vital business decisions. But, how about those small businesses that are not yet at the stage where they can appoint a pro-active and qualified PR & Marketing agency?

A Vital Life Line

That’s where our Business Coaching & Consultation Service comes into its own, offering small businesses a vital lifeline and expert guidance to help steer your brand in the right direction.

Our services include phone, or Skype calls, putting together an action plan to identify short and long-term goals, competitor analysis, personal development, one to one coaching and strategic planning and support in implementation. Just as our PR & Social Media Marketing Services are bespoke to each client, we employ the same ethos to our business coaching and consultation services. Afterall, every brilliant boss and brand is different so requires a different approach and mindset.

The struggle is real. Let us help you.

“I recently had a coaching call with Ashley regarding my equestrian start up – I can’t emphasise enough how encouraging she was and how helpful all of her suggestions were! Thank you for all of your advice and I will certainly be coming back in a few months – highly recommend.”
Rosie Hall

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