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Everyone’s talking about it, and a lot of people are doing it (wrong) on social media. We’re talking ‘Social Etiquette’; the growing gripe that just isn’t going to go away. In this blog, the Social Media PR Team share their top tips for social media etiquette for 2019.


By all means, join in the conversation but don’t commandeer it. Getting involved in a discussion among a tiny group or two individuals chatting is fine but be respectful of jumping into a conversation and taking over. It won’t win you followers or likes.



We all love a trending hashtag, but if there is a particular hashtag associated or being promoted by a brand or company then don’t take it and use it to efficiently promote the same product or service. It’s unprofessional and tacky. Also, check the meaning behind the hashtag before you use it. For example, a hashtag promoting say, international food day might be about world food poverty so you won’t be seen favourably if you are using it to post your chef’s gourmet menu. Do your research and use with ethics.



We get to see a lot of this as we manage a lot of our brand’s social channels. We’re talking about companies touting for business in liking, commenting and making a rather significant concerted effort to get noticed and engage in conversation. Social media is a great way to connect with brands and look for new contacts, however, do your homework and have some moral standing when it comes to this kind of activity. Even if the brands notice you, if they already have those services in place, they won’t be impressed by your unprofessionalism or lack of business protocol.



Ranting about or being unkind about people or brands on social media is a huge no. Not just because it can land you in deep water, but also because what you type and post go a huge way as to how people perceive you. If we have a particular influencer we want to associate our clients with, we scrutinise their posts and interactions on blogs, social channels and even forums. If it’s public, we can find it. Anything we see to be less than favourable is a warning trigger, and we won’t risk getting our brand involved. Want to be an authority in your sector with successful social media PR? Then keep is clean and any negative comments constructive.



Screen grabbing content from the internet or someone else’s feed and posting it as your own is a sure fast way to get into the realms of infringement of copyright. There is a protocol for sharing on each platform, but this very much depends on too many factors to list in this short blog so take time to discover the proper way of how what and where.

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