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As the experts in beauty digital marketing, our Beauty Marketeers share their top tips, hacks and advice to help supercharge your beauty marketing strategy. Whether we promote beauty products or targeted marketing for beauty brands, these beauty marketing hacks apply!


Beauty Brands Need A Strong Social Media Strategy

This is one of our essential beauty marketing hacks because your social media content says EVERYTHING about your beauty business. There is a reason why brands need social media and the reason why your approach to your social media channels should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts because it matters! Appointing social media marketing professionals ensures your product or business stands out from the thousands of other beauty brands. A consistent tone of voice, imagery and feel across your social media posts gives consumers confidence. Appointing a professional incorporate social listening in their digital marketing strategy, so they can pick up on conversations and consumer sentiment and act accordingly. Build an online community that supports your beauty services or brand.


Build Your Beauty Brand 

Building your beauty brand takes time. When we work with a new beauty brand or are helping a client develop their brand in readiness for a new launch. We will look at the business in its entirety. We will look at the leading players and individuals within the company. If their USP is clean beauty products with an ethical stance, we will focus on these angles as a solid foundation for the launch and their beauty marketing. Building a beauty business is all about building customer loyalty.

We look at ways we can help our clients build a loyal customer base, including email marketing and website blog content. Our team boast certified copywriters and qualified journalists, so we know what works for consumer brands. For example, including interactive content such as a skin quiz to find out more about your customers’ needs can give valuable insight you can harness within your beauty marketing hacks. 


Find Brand Ambassadors on Instagram

Your social platforms offer the perfect place to find beauty influencers that work for your beauty or personal care products, and the social channels, Instagram and TikTok, offer plenty of choices. Influencer marketing can make a difference to your brand. With so many social media influencers, choosing the right fit can take time and effort. We help our clients navigate this area and help source the perfect partnerships, including celebrity and household names for user-generated content. Many of our beauty marketing campaigns involve influencer marketing at some level.

Collaborate with Spas and Venues

If budgets are tight, consider content marketing ideas that include collaborating with spas and venues to minimise costs. Partnering with a local spa can be a lucrative move for a small business selling cosmetic products or the beauty and personal care sector. While you may only be connecting with a small niche audience, they will be a relevant audience. Word of mouth and recommendations go a long way in the buying decision! Writing a blog post about the collaboration and sharing tips and advice is one of our blog business strategy tips you can use.


Collaborate with Organisations for Good Causes

Your beauty brand strategy should be as individual as your business. If you are keen to collaborate with a charitable organisation, ensure they are relevant to your business. Beauty companies are selective about what and who they support to ensure brand integrity. For example, Drunk Elephant recently ran a campaign encouraging people on Instagram to tag them on the social media platform sharing photos of themselves without make-up to support their vision of what natural beauty should be.

Estée Lauder companies have raised over $18 million through their breast cancer campaign to fund research, education and medical services. Choose a charity or organisation that resonates with your ethics, experience, and passions. Make it unique and have a purpose and reason for supporting it. 


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