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Have you ever wondered how beauty brands get into magazines and newspapers like Tatler, The Daily Mail and Women’s Health? Perhaps you’re baffled at how those ‘sponsored posts’ on Instagram are always so relevant to you? What is Beauty Marketing? Our Beauty PR Experts explain what, how and why your beauty business needs it.

What is Beauty Marketing?

Beauty marketing is the act of promoting and selling beauty products and services. Marketing embodies numerous areas of importance to your beauty brand, from your logo through to social media advertising, product brochures, website and public relations, to name just a few marketing avenues. When you ask the question, what is beauty pr? The answer is the same!

Why Does Your Beauty Business Need Marketing?

Marketing your beauty business is crucial to the growth of your business. Marketing your business through word of mouth and reputation is essential. However, spreading the word through other means of marketing are equally important. Just as social media can’t claim to reach every potential customer, neither can a magazine feature, but together they can really strengthen your beauty business. Getting a fabulous piece of online coverage can also really strengthen your website’s SEO and help improve your ranking, in turn helping customers find you more easily through Google searches.

Which Marketing Areas Should You Concentrate On?

This is the million-dollar question we often get asked, and there is no firm answer. If you are looking to target Gen Z, then perhaps Facebook wouldn’t be your first choice of social channel, but that’s where things get clouded. Your target audience might not sit on Facebook, but they may be active on Instagram or Tiktok. Your first marketing focus needs to determine who your customers are and where they hang out.

Taking a multi-media approach to your marketing is a worthwhile strategy. Adopt this when you first start if you are unsure. However, a professional marketing agency should assist in narrowing down your options to channel your marketing efforts.

Why Is Beauty Marketing Important?

Beauty Marketing is crucial to your business. It is essential to understand that you are already likely to have competitors to compete with. Unless you are launching a completely revolutionary product this is normal. You don’t want to become obsessed with the competition but keeping a healthy eye on what they are doing is essential. Your established competitors will already have a head start in terms of their marketing. There is no reason with careful planning, a robust marketing strategy and the right team in place that you can’t catch up and overtake.

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