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Beauty PR is public relations which promote beauty products. Beauty products range from mascara, blusher, foundation, through to face and body creams and moisturisers and everything else in between. Public Relations introduces products and brands to the consumer through traditional print media (magazines and newspapers) and focuses on online media, TV, film and radio.

Social Media Beauty Marketing PR Agencies, like MirrorMePR, also ‘promote’ brands through social media and work with influencers (known as influencer marketing) to help promote your company. When you see a beauty product online or in a magazine, the likelihood is that a PR company is part of that visibility. Our job as a London Agency is to ensure that our clients are seen worldwide.

How Do I Find A Beauty PR Firm?

A simple search on Google will bring up hundreds of beauty PR firms. How do you find a beauty PR company that is the right fit for your beauty brand or product? Finding the right Luxury Beauty PR Agency needs to take into consideration several factors. Experience, expertise and most importantly, enthusiasm for your brand or product. We only work with brands and products that we believe are the best. As a brand, you need to find the right fit for you. In addition, ensure you love the PR team members who will be working on your account and their experience. Our brand experience within the beauty industry ranges from clients as diverse as a Chelsea Health Club through to a CBD Health & Beauty Brand and an organic, vegan beauty collection aimed at equestrians. Furthermore, pick up the phone and speak to a few PR agencies;

Ultimately go with your gut feel!


 How Do I Get Beauty PR Packages?

Choosing the right PR package for your beauty brand can seem daunting. Equally importantly is to contact the PR company and explain what you are looking for. Discuss what you hope to achieve through PR. If a prospective client knows what they would like to achieve and it’s a good starting point to discuss our PR services. Determine if this vision is realistic. A PR Agency may ask what your marketing budget is. Generally, your beauty marketing budget enables a PR Agency to put forward ideas which are achievable and considerate of cost. As a bespoke PR agency, we pride ourselves in being able to offer clients a range of bespoke PR packages because we tailor packages specifically for our client’s needs and requirements. For example, a new product launch, managing a celebrity endorsement or finding the perfect influencer to work with your brand is unique to your beauty brand.

How Much Does A Beauty PR Cost?

Appointing a PR Agency can vary considerably in cost. Prices can vary wildly from £500+ upwards to four figures per month. In either case, price is dependent on the size of the agency, experience, and what services they are offering within their Beauty PR packages. Overall, most PR Agencies take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their clients. We don’t believe that every business is the same, which is why our packages are tailored to fit client needs and accommodate budgets. We can create bespoke beauty marketing packages that support our client’s visions. Our Beauty Team always deliver above and beyond expectation.

For an informal chat about your brand, contact our team. Making a call to our team won’t cost you a penny (apart from the cost of the phone call). It could save you a fortune in the long term.

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