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Our Equine Marketing Services are unrivalled in this sector. Our Award-Winning Equestrian PR Team have over 40 years of experience and expertise working with national and international equestrian businesses and brands. Additionally we offer qualified and professional help across a vast array of equine services. What services do you need as an equestrian brand? What things do you need to look for in an equestrian pr agency? In this blog, our creative equine PR and marketing team take a look at the services offered by Equine PR & Marketing Agencies and explore whether they are right for your equine brand.

Equine Public Relations

Equine PR helps people see you. It’s helps you get noticed by potential customers in a wide variety of ways. The most common way for an equine marketing agency to work is through press promotion. A well-written press release which appears in print or through digital media goes a long way to establishing brand authority and brand trust. Introducing your equine brand to an Editor takes skill, writing talent and press contacts to convert into magazine coverage albeit in the long term. Equestrian PR and Marketing is essential is your equine business or brand if you are looking for professional help to steer your brand onto the next level.

Equine Social Media Marketing

We are the certified experts in equine social media marketing. However, any agency can offer social media marketing services without any skill or knowledge. Our creative equine marketing team are skilled, trained experts in equine social media marketing. Another key point is that our team are UK based and work in-house. Consequently MirrorMePR clients are assured of client confidentiality and security and if you are looking to appoint an equine pr agency to look after your equestrian social media marketing, make sure you check their credentials before handing over your log-in details. Besides an equestrian social media management can help build your brand and create brand awareness. However, in the wrong hands it has the potential to ruin your brand and reputation.

You will also want to see ROI in terms of conversions which are reflective of  your chosen measurement of success. Social media follower growth takes skill and time and we pride ourselves in creating engaging and valuable audiences. Some agencies will resort to buying followers to impress clients. This illegal practice damages your brand reputation and will never convert into sales. We focus on growing a quality and relevant target customer for our audiences and manage all aspects of social media. Creating engaging content is just one area an equine social media marketing team will manage.

Equine Product Launch Events Marketing

What is marketing & how do I use it? If you are looking to launch a product, you may wish to create a product launch. An equine product launch gives you an opportunity to showcase your equestrian product to the press and consumers. If you organise an equine event, you will want to promote your event to the public. Equine marketing can take many forms, from press launches, press promotion through to Influencer Marketing and social media marketing. Consequently we always take an individual approach to our clients’ needs and products, and the same applies to equestrian events. If you are promoting your equestrian show or event to the public and want visiblity, you should appoint an equine marketing pr agency to help you. Choose a creative equine marketing company which has the experience to help guide you in your promotion.

Equine Influencer Marketing

As sponsors of the Equestrian Blogger & Vlogger Of The Year Awards, we have insider knowledge and contacts with all the best equestrian bloggers and equestrians vloggers both in the UK, the USA and Europe. Working with an equestrian influencer or sponsored rider can supercharge your equestrian marketing efforts. Ensure that the partnership is the right fit for your equine product or brand. Allow our creative equine marketing team to align your brand with the perfect equestrian influencer.

Choosing the right equestrian influencer is just the start. If you are working with influencers or sponsored riders you will need these relationships managed. Appointing an experienced equine pr agency will ensure that promises are deliverable and outcomes achieved. A professional equine marketeer will also team your brand and business with authentic equestrian influencers as many do buy a fake social media following! As a result, our clients only work with equestrian influencers with a genuine following because we negotiate contracts so we have all areas covered. If you are looking to include social media spend into your equine marketing budget, ensure you have an expert holding the purse strings. We know who are the best equestrian influencers and the best equestrian instagram accounts to follow.

Location Location

Another key point is whether you are searching for equine pr companies in Cheltenham or equine pr in London remember, the luxury of selecting the right pr agency for your brand is effortless with the internet. Focus on their ability, not their location. Our London Lifestyle PR Team work with international brands all over the world. Our Equestrian PR Team boast international brand experience, working with luxury equestrian brands from saddles through to fashion and watches. All equestrian marketing companies are entirely different. You need to choose an agency that fits best with your equine brand.

Our agency works with British equestrian brands and international equestrian brands and has a global reputation for delivering excellent results after all. Our US media contacts agree that although our offices are in London, we are globally recognised!


Whichever agency you choose for your brand, make sure you opt for a friendly and professional equine PR and Marketing Agency. You need an agency at the helm which has the expertise and contacts to guide and direct you.

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