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As an award-winning PR Agency, the MirrorMePR Team love to keep our clients and journalists happy. In this blog, we share some of our insider top tips on how to spot a brilliant PR Agency and share what the best PR companies know that you don’t.


Self-Promotion Is Good (In Small Doses)

Every PR Agency will promote itself on its website and through social media. We all love to shout about how fabulous we are and what a great job we do, but the best PR Agencies also shine the spotlight on their clients. Our clients are our focus and our passion. Make sure the balance is there. We don’t hide our brand associations. We’re so proud of our clients, we shout about them!


Through The Back Door

Many of our brands despair at the sneaky tactics that some PR & Digital Marketing Companies will try; Following and engaging on social media, creating conversations or offering ‘opportunities’ for exposure, with the ultimate aim in stealing our business. It’s one thing to contact a company without the knowledge that they already have a PR Agency onboard, and another to have this knowledge yet still attempt to strike up a conversation and relationship. Successful PR & Marketing Companies don’t need to behave in this way.  MirrorMePR would never knowingly approach any brand with an awareness that they already have an appointed Agency – a fact we are proud to share.


All Eyes & Ears

Whether you are looking to appoint a PR & Marketing Agency for special events, product launches, influencer marketing or marketing coaching, look at how they conduct themselves on social media and beyond. If they behave in a professional and courteous manner, they are most likely to act in this way with you as a client. The best PR Agencies don’t need to be derogatory about others to gain new clients. Be wary of any Agency that bad mouths another Agency.  MirrorMePR belongs to two official PR bodies, and we adhere to a strict code of conduct alongside our Agency’s personal morals and ethics. Our clients and fellow PR agencies are assured of professionalism at all times.



Everyone’s a professional, right? Wrong. The best PR Agencies are the ones who are professional enough to tell you realistically what is possible for your brand and honest enough to say to you if your brand or product is not the best fit for their Agency.  A high turnover of clients = High drama. 


Many of our clients have been with us since our foundation back in 2011. 


Speedy Or Slow Go

Press opportunities need to be seized in the moment. Even an hour’s delay can be the difference between success or failure. The best PR Agencies ensure they have a dedicated team to guarantee that a press opportunity is never missed, and that journalists always have a prompt and professional reply with the precise information they have asked for. 


Social Stars

Looking after brand’s social media marketing takes skill, expertise and on-going training. Our Team are experienced digital marketeers, but like all good PR & Marketing Professionals, if our clients request a service that we don’t feel we can offer with 100% confidence, we’ll deliver an expert that we know can help under our guidance and direction. 


Expert Advice

Want to know how to hide your hashtags on Instagram? Get some small business coaching or undertake a supercharged podcast? Then make sure you ask an expert! Unfortunately, we hear plenty of tales of woe from businesses that have invested good money and not received expert, experienced advice. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a reputable PR Agency will be happy to answer them with confidence.


Specialists In Their Field

If you have a niche brand or product, make sure you choose an Agency with experience within your sector. Our specialist PR divisions include Beauty PRLifestyle PR , Equine PR , Pet Product PR . Our Agency has the expertise to guide your brand and get results, but not all PR agencies are made equal. 


Location, Location, Location

We have worked with clients as far as the US and Canada as well as all over the UK, so don’t be put off just because an Agency is not located on your doorstep! Finding PR companies in Cheltenham might seem a good option because you are based locally, but, you could be missing out on the perfect relationship. Cast your net far and wide. As a London PR Agency, we actually only have one London based client on our books!

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