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All pets require care and commitment but getting a pet that fits your lifestyle and personality is essential. Whether you’re active, laid-back or love a cuddle on the sofa, our pet PR team takes a look at points to consider when searching for the perfect pet.

Take Time To Think About Your Lifestyle
Taking on a pet is a huge commitment. You need to be realistic about your lifestyle and activity levels. If you enjoy going for a run every morning before work and can take your dog to work, then an active dog could be the perfect companion for you. You need to consider how many hours you will be at work if taking your pet is not an option. Buying a pet that requires human company then leaving it at home alone for 8 hours is unkind. Also, if you prefer to relax on the sofa all weekend, then choose a pet that suits your lifestyle.

Research Your Pet
Do plenty of research on your ideal pet. You need to consider personality traits, cost and also if the breed has any health issues that you need to consider when looking for your perfect pet partner. You might discover that after some serious reading, your first choice isn’t going to be ideal. It’s better to learn this now before you enter into pet ownership.

Don’t Buy On Impulse
It’s very tempting to see a friend’s new puppy, kitten, rabbit etc. and get taken over by the ‘ahhhh’ factor. Rational thinking is critical when it comes to being a responsible pet parent. You will also need to put in plenty of preparation for the arrival of your new pet as well as buying in the correct feed, bedding and extras.

Everything Adds Up
Financially, a pet is an expensive addition to your life. With food, care, equipment and ultimately vet bills, everything soon adds up. While nobody can ever predict the future, take a look at the average lifespan of your pet. If you’re buying a pet that is going to live for 10 or more years, that’s a huge commitment financially and practically.

Don’t Shop, Adopt
Don’t forget all the animal rescue charities and all the wonderful pets that are looking for their forever homes. Expect to be vetted by the charity, including possible home inspections, but if accepted you’ll be giving a wonderful approved home to an exceptional pet. There are hundreds of charities in the UK and some even specialise in rescuing breed specific cases, so if you have your heart set on a pedigree dog, you may well find your posh pooch through these channels. Don’t expect to pick up a pet for free either. Typically, there is a fee associated with adopting a pet. We think however much the charge is, it’s still a minimal price to pay for your new family member.

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