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As part of our client service, we write a tremendous amount of blog content for our brands, even for those that don’t sell directly to the consumer. So why do we offer blog writing services and what makes for great blog content? Our London PR Team explain why your website’s blog content is so important.


Why Do We Write Blog Content For Our Clients?

We write blogs for our brands because they know that their brands are in safe, capable and knowledgeable hands. We write blog content in your brand’s tone of voice and on topic for your industry and customer profile. With over 35 years of journalistic experience and SEO qualifications, we know how to craft the perfect blog content.

Crucial Content

So why is effective blog content so essential to your brand? It’s vital for your website because:

  • It can be used to drive traffic to your site.
  • Done well, it will increase your SEO/SERP.
  • It also helps position you/your brand as industry leaders.
  • Great content with tips and advice gives value back to your customers and potential customers.


On Topic

What you choose to write in your blog content needs to relate to your business, it needs to link back to the topic or product, but doesn’t have to be a slave to the subject matter. That means that if you are a London hairdresser, you don’t have to exclusively write about hair. In this example, you could perhaps write about vitamins and minerals that are good for your hair and healthy living in London or even food that is good for your skin, hair and general wellbeing. Perhaps you could touch on London fashion trends and which hairstyle works with each. Being creative with your subject matter is where your talented marketing team come in with fantastic blog ideas and content suggestions.


Get Competitive

We do plenty of research into the subject matter before we share our content suggestions with the clients. This research includes studying competitors, backlinks that have the potential to drive traffic to the client’s site and keywords and terms. Think of your blog content as being an opportunity to pull everything together that matters to your brand in an entertaining and informative way that subtly sells your products to the reader.


Word Has It

It’s not just what words but also how many words and this can also depend on how competitive that subject is for ranking and also the popularity of the topic within your industry. We also write cornerstone pieces for our clients. Cornerstone blog content is at the core of your website and should consist of the best, most relevant and essential articles on your website. The ones that you want to rank highest in search engines for. Again, these pieces take time and talent to create.


You’ve Got The Key

Including keywords and key phrases into your blogs is also important. However, poorly written content with ‘keyword stuffing’ is not great for your SEO. Fortunately, we have a qualified journalist in our team and SEO copywriting credentials to ensure that all our client copy is beautifully constructed and easy to read.


Returning Visitors

Did you know that the * average blog reader returns to your site around 3.15 times before they convert into a paying customer? Why are they going to be returning? To browse your fantastic products for sure, but keeping them there a while longer with subtle brand messaging is also crucial to their return and eventually to them switching into a customer.


Don’t just take our word(s) for it – blog content is essential.


Do you want to step up your PR & Marketing? If you’re looking for blog writing in London, then get in touch, we’d love to help your brand get the exposure it deserves. If you enjoyed reading this blog You might enjoy our blog content on “What Is Digital Marketing & How Does It Work” written by our digital and social media team.