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If you work in equestrian & country PR, the chances are that you’ll recognise the majority of these issues…

  1. You get angry when people think that PRs are always out ‘wining and dining’ during working hours – and tell them that the reality for those in country & equestrian PR is that they are more likely to be swigging out of a hip flask of whiskey in an attempt to keep warm, whilst attempting to shoot in the middle of a field ‘spring/summer’ during sleet in mid November.
  2. Your life literally depends on phone network coverage and Wi-Fi.
  3. On location, you reach an unreasonable state of panic if you can’t get either of the above.
  4. You know that wearing a minimum of 5 layers and looking like a hobo is acceptable attire for ‘off-site’ client meetings.
  5. A dog is your favourite accessory, preferably one that doesn’t pick fights with your clients’ or sponsored riders’ dogs.
  6. You get excited when you meet a famous horse, and insist on splashing the photo across social media. You didn’t feel the same about bumping into Peter Andre in Iceland.
  7. You have had to correct your auto-corrective spell check on the word ‘wellies’ too many times to remember.
  8. You work with country & equestrian PR clients, but you don’t have the time to ride your own horse or spend leisure time in the countryside during daylight hours.
  9. You own an umbrella but due to health and safety reasons when filming (spooking horses) it will forever remain in the boot of your car – under the horse and dog stuff you never use.
  10. Only you can understand your shorthand writing after interviewing that top rider. In fact, you realise upon your return to the office that you actually can’t understand it either, so you have to use your photographic memory to fill in the gaps.
  11. When you go to an event or show, you never get to actually see the event or show, but you do get to catch up with all the other journalists and PRs in the press tent, drink too much coffee and eat cake.
  12. Christmas comes round way too early… like six months too early.
  13. You wish horses wouldn’t grow woolly winter coats and the trees wouldn’t lose their leaves when your client announces that they are ready to shoot their ‘summer’ range in December.